What a Crypto PR Agency Can Do For Blockchain Technology

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using a crypto pr agency

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, the word cryptocurrency means, ‘a digital currency produced by a public network, rather than any government, that uses cryptography to make sure payments are sent and received safely,’ and it gives an example, ‘such as Bitcoin.’  However, if you search for the word ‘Blockchain.’ you won’t be able to find a definition – yet.


Most of us can understand Bitcoin as a form of cryptocurrency or digital currency that allows people to send and receive digital ledgers across the internet. But the concept behind Blockchain Technology is still far to be clear. Therefore, the idea to create a Crypto PR agency is not only to promote ICO’s but also to show just how disruptive Blockchain technology really is, and why it’s so important to get the mainstream audience to adopt it.

The Blockchain is the platform where Bitcoin exists: is a giant online ledger that records transactions between users and it is also where every transaction is verified and secured.

Why is Blockchain Technology so disruptive?

What makes the blockchain different is the fact that is decentralized, safe, and secure. Each transaction is verified by “miners” who can solve very complex equations. These equations verify transactions and secure the chain in a distributed public database that keeps a permanent record of digital transactions. Since Bitcoin, crypto technology has evolved, making it much simpler for the regular coder to develop a blockchain of their own.


Through an Initial Coin Offering, also known as an ICO, a company uses blockchain technology to issue a new cryptocurrency and offer it for sale to investors in exchange against cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or most likely Ethereum. With the success of Ethereum, more and more ICO startups are releasing tokens to fund the development of a crypto project. This has also made crypto PR agencies all that more important for the promotion of these projects and the tokens themselves.

What kind of projects can a Crypto PR Agency work with?

Crypto projects are flowing everywhere and many of them are really exciting:

Wawllet, for example, aims to be ‘the world’s first multi-asset wallet and personal financial passport,’ by developing a mobile and desktop application to allow people to manage all their fiat, crypto and commodities and transfer them to other people and accounts set in banks connected to the WAWLLET network in a fast, secure and easy way.

IOTA recently created a storm as ‘the next Blockchain generation.’ The main innovation behind IOTA is that it is a blockless distributed ledger, which goes beyond blockchain in order to overcome fees and scaling issues. IOTA enables machines to securely transact data and money. IOTA’s technology has already enabled more than $10 Billion to be transacted.


But these exciting projects would only be able to find a way to exist if the media talks about them. This will only be possible with the adequate promotion that only a Crypto PR agency would be able to achieve targeting the right audience through the right channels and give them the attention they deserve.



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