How to Choose A Coin PR Agency

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Looking for the Coin PR Agency

It’s no doubt the cryptocurrency has mushroomed in the past year, and it will certainly continue to explode. Being in the back of the pack is not where you’ll want to be when this is all over, so it’s best to get ahead of the game before there even is one. Make your presence and the rest will fall into place, and working with the best coin PR agency will certainly be in your favor.


  1. Know Where to Look For the Best Coin PR Agency


The first place to start would be knowing where exactly to look for this godly amazing coin pr agency. It may not be the easiest thing but it’s certainly something you should invest in. It should be pretty obvious that whenever you get started on a new project doing the proper research is a must, because otherwise you’ll be left with the wrong information and will be in a worse position then when you first started. Nobody wants to be forgotten before even making an appearance. If it wasn’t obvious yet, networking is your best friend: because you never know who will meet and who will be helpful in the long run.

Word of mouth is such a wonderful tool, because most of the time you’re talking with people you either trust or people in the industry, and in a way it goes hand in hand. If they’ve been successful or have had successful publicicity then what’s to say you can’t.  Find out who was their coin pr agency and get the ball rolling as soon as possible.

Besides asking around it’s important to do your research. That involves reading reviews of the agency’s performance and recommendations. You’re putting your trust into these professionals to help get the ball rolling for your coin, so make sure you really know what you’re doing.


  1. Stay In Control

You’re coming to a coin pr agency for a reason, and it’s because you want the best amount of publicity you can get for your coin and company. Without a doubt you’re the professional when it comes to the coin and the idea but no so much for PR. Just like you work the magic to have created your company it’s time to let the PR professionals do their magic.

It’s important to always be on the same page at all times. Making sure your representative understands your mission and goal and working together to get the best PR out there that truly represents the coin. It’s great to always know the progress of the PR and any other materials that will be created.


  1. Find a PR Agency Who Understands Your Crypto Audience

Without a doubt you should have an idea of what your target audience would be. Whether you’re trying to reach out to niche blockchain publications like CoinDesk, or more on top tier publications like the Wall Street Journal, you should have an idea and trust your PR representative to do everything in their power to make sure you get into both of those publications, and muchmore.

It’s not all about just knowing which publications you want to be featured in, but also the readers that you want to be reaching. Of course, that goes along with the publications but there is a larger range of readers that would be on the Wall Street Journal then there are on CoinDesk. So depending on what type of coin you’ll be mining keeping your audience in mind is a must have.


Success Will Be Yours

It’s no doubt that a coin pr agency can make or break your coin, so you’ll definitely want to use it to your fullest benefit. Doing your research, and doing it well will be your greatest asset. It’s your company and reputation on the line.


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