How Does Coin PR Navigate the Uncertainty of the Space?

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The volatility of cryptocurrencies not only affects people’s wallets, it can also affect the reputation and status of this up and coming digital market. Some companies may decide to postpone their ICOs to a more stable time, focus on larger private investments, or elongate pre-sales. There is one aspect, however, that doesn’t stop because of volatility: Coin PR. Public Relations, which is many times the root success of a company, has been instrumental in the rise of cryptocurrencies. Coin PR has learned to navigate through some of the worst and most exciting moments in the crypto narrative, such as China’s ICO ban, Bitcoin’s peak rise in December, and Google and Twitter’s threats to end ICO advertising. So, when tokens are dipping and you feel you can no longer HODL, how do you explain that Coin PR agencies are still working, thriving, and succeeding; and more so, what are they offering during the chaotic times?

Coin PR Creates a Conversation

Coin PR Creates a Conversation

Is your Coin PR agency focusing on a strategy around your industry and not just around crypto? PR for blockchain-based companies should no longer limit the publications you get on to Cointelegraph and Coindesk, but rather make sure you are covered in industry-specific magazines such as, Business Insider, AdExchanger, and Healthline. This takes a larger effort of scouting the correct journalists, to then forming an informative, real-world relatable pitch that will ease them into the crypto-heavy press release. Furthermore, speaking opportunities at events should not be solely focused on blockchain events, but industry-focused events as well. Crypto PR should be treated like any other disruptive technology, and eased into the mainstream world so that an article isn’t just an article, but also creates a conversation.

How a Coin PR Can Elevate Your Name and Brand

How a Coin PR Can Elevate Your Name and Brand

What opportunities are you being offered by your Coin PR agency that elevate your name and brand? Naturally, the best approach to any PR cycle would be to align efforts with marketing teams, campaigns, and social media. Blockchain marketing, however, differs from other forms of marketing, starting with the implementation of bounty programs and the use of Telegram over Facebook and Instagram. Is your Coin PR agency offering you a content specialist to discuss these differences and guide you to a successful strategy to align with your PR efforts? As previously mentioned, knowledge of the subject is still lacking, so articles with commentaries and open conversations are a big deal in the space. The various regulations and the controversiality of the subject presents commentary opportunities that your Coin PR agency should be suggesting in order to elevate your name and your company’s brand as experts in the field. So, even during tense times in the crypto market, your name and your brand’s reputation stays important.

Coin PR often brings with it certain pressures “normal” PR does not

Coin PR often brings with it certain pressures “normal” PR does not. Similar to the time of the internet boom where the industry as a whole was uncertain, and faced criticism and skepticism from some of the biggest names in business, Crypto is going through its own changes and hurdles when it comes to being taken seriously. Coin PR agencies are faced with the task of not only getting their clients in the media, but also making crypto seem sexy, mainstream, simple and the next big thing. Most writers from top tier publications have as hard of a time accepting crypto as the next person, and this shows both in the articles they write writing and those they don’t. So, in the meantime, Coin PR agencies have to base a strategy around educating reporters new to the crypto space, while also appealing to the more veteran blockchain and crypto space reporters.





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