How to create a fancy coin pr in less than 20 minutes

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coin pr

By Maya Perry, Blonde 2.0

After months and sometimes years of hard work, passion, late nights, strategizing, developing, re-developing, organizing, hiring, firing – and everything in between – every company reaches that point. Finally, there is something to put out to the crowd, something to announce, something that needs to be pushed to the public. Most of these situations are extremely time sensitive. Perhaps your company finally achieved something huge technologically that has never been done before. Perhaps Elon Musk has decided to back your company. Your company finally has something to show for all the hard work, and it’s your chance to get the world out. How do we get that out into the world as soon as possible, and to the widest audience possible? That is what we all want right? We want to get the word out there about our project through our coin pr.

coin pr

Now, before all the wasted effort, there is one essential prerequisite that is required for a successful coin pr. Make sure you have a true announcement. The one mistake that companies make when trying to do coin pr is not having a story. Just announcing that your company exist, or your coin exists, is not a story. Examples of stories could be: a large investment (either by amount, or by a well known investor), partnership with a well known entity, the launch of a product that is the first in the market. By first determining that you have a story to announce, you will ensure that energy and resources are not wasted on an unsuccessful outreach. Ultimately, what makes it into the news is determined by the reporters, so you need to think what is important enough to make it into headlines.

So, now that you have determined that you have an announcement, you can get started with the press release with these simple steps:

  1. Identify the problem

    Especially with complicated technology and blockchain it is important to emphasize in the simplest of terms what the current problem in the market is. Sometimes the best way to explain it in the most understandable way is to write a specific situation in which the characteristics of the problem affect the real world. Give any reader the ability to see the problem, and make them think “wow, that needs to be solved!”

  2. Present a solution

    In comes your companies solution to this problem. Emphasize what it is that your company is doing to help solve this issue, and what technology is being implemented to do it. What is it that makes your company the ones to do it? Here you can also validate your solution by describing the team of experienced professionals, or the investors or partners that have also validated your technology.

  3. State unique characteristics

    This is your chance to clearly express the points that if anything, you want the reporter to write about. Highlight what makes you’re technology different or better than others.

  4. Attention grabbing headline

    Out of all 20 minutes of writing, probably the most amount of time and effort will go into writing the headline. Make sure the headline describes your company in a simple way, and what the announcement at the same time. The most difficult about this task is to, above all, make it eye catching. This is exactly the time to drop names of major investors, partners, and big sums of money. Bring out your creativity with a clever, humorous, or shocking headline! Reporters are humans too, and they appeal to the same things that readers would appeal to. Think in their shoes, and you will be golden.

With these four tips from an experienced IEO PR agency, you should be done and ready for your first coin pr. Of course to gain the best momentum for a pr there are many other things that go into an outreach, like knowing the right people and the right homes for your story. But, writing your pr is the first step, especially when you are in a time crunch.



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