Four essentials for every PR Coin

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You have created the perfect blockchain startup and after months and months of prep and perfecting your platform you are now ready for your initial coin offering. This should be easy no? Unfortunately no, the initial coin offering is just the start.

As more and more blockchain companies pop up the right PR Coin is even more crucial. In less than a year more companies have popped up on the blockchain than ever, from travel agencies to genomic testing, you can even buy art on the blockchain now!

One thing all blockchain companies have in common is the need for amazing PR Coin. Not all PR Coin was created equal, here are four essential parts that ever good one has.


1. Differentiation from other platforms

For every blockchain company that is new and innovative there are ten other companies doing almost exactly the same thing.

You must ask yourself: What makes your product stand out from competitors? This is a crucial thing to answer in PR Coin, if there are already three different companies doing similar things it is important to differentiate why your platform is better.


pr coin

2. Reason the platform uses blockchain technology

The first question most people ask when they hear about a new crypto platform is, “why is it on the blockchain.” They are not wrong, the blockchain can improve many products, and add an important layer of security. However, not all products are improved just by putting them on the blockchain.

How does the blockchain improve your product? If the blockchain does nothing to improve your project then people will not be into it. Blockchain technology can improve the security and features of many new ideas, but if it is not needed then why use it?

3. Newsworthy information

A key to successful PR Coin is working with the news, not against it. One way to do this is to only come forward with information that is newsworthy.

It may not always be easy to differentiate, however this can make or break your outreach.

How can you tell if the information is newsworthy? Look at platforms you would like to reach with your news, do you see them covering similar topics? If not it may be time to rethink your announcement.

4. Kick ass content

You have the perfect platform, you have identified why it is better than competitors, and why the blockchain enhances it, now you need one last thing.

The third and possibly most important part of PR Coin is amazing content. The content can make our break the release of a platform. Well written content is essential. Content should be creative, yet clear and concise.

When creating content it is important to remember that not everyone understands the inner workings for blockchain technology. Proper PR Coin will explain the technology in a way that the everyday user understands, while highlighting the importance of the technology.


So what’s next?


If you are ready for a top-notch platform launch and continued coverage, these four simple essentials can take PR Coin from average to amazing!



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