PR COIN Blockchain, the tool to combat ‘fake news’

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PR COIN saves blockchain companies from fake news

We often read on the Internet the death of singers or famous actors, the entry into bankruptcy of some great company, obvious slander between politicians, or some kind of unlikely news that turns out to be part of that group called fake news. These false stories have been taken on the web, and in many cases, have generated reputation problems for companies, people or have led to some kind of serious consequence.

The experts have declared in different scenarios that PR COIN is an alternative that would help to attack this problem. Blockchain organizations have been victims of false news that have gone viral on the web and negatively influenced their reputation, resulting in loss of customers, money and time recovering the image for these types of malicious actions.

pr coin


PR COIN is the weapon against bad press

This is the moment in which the industry of public relations and journalism analyzes how to use the PR COIN to reduce and avoid fake news. Knowing that these types of articles are promoted on the Internet, experts have stressed that the automatic engines and bots are the ‘weapons’ used to redistribute false information on the Web. This is where PR COIN plays a fundamental role. One of the approaches states that if the search engines, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Google, and the same means of communication adopted this communication tool so that the information would be curated to avoid and censor false news.


pr coin

To conclude, Blockchain companies need to develop and apply PR COIN to reduce the problem of fake news, which in many cases is created with the intention of destroying the reputation of a person or organization, hence the urgent need for public relations to enter the conversation to find solutions, in a context that directly concerns him.



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