Growing your ICO PR efforts before your main token sale is just as important as during and after your token launch

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Launch your PR campaign before the token sale to attract investors and attention for your project

 Securing speaking opportunities and participation in the right meet-ups to push your brand before your crowdsale


Attracting investors can be a challenging achievement but can be accomplished through various ways. One great way to find the right and trustworthy investor is through the right ICO PR efforts before your token sale. Attending events, positioning yourself in the right news outlets (tech magazines, radio channels, podcasts and other publications) is key to getting your business idea heard, not only by a broad audience, but also the appropriate audience at events and conferences. Firstly though, before you can start your efforts you need to define the right target audience based on the industry and location you are working in as well as your competitors in the sphere and you should evaluate what kind of exposure is possible for you based on your product offering.

The value of a good reputation

Unfortunately or luckily, depending on the company, even the best PR effort is always based on the real product that is offered and the true message the company is delivering about the product. One of the most important parts of the PR campaign is honesty towards the customer, since they always see what they are buying in  the end of the day. Your reputation can only grow if the quality matches the promised factors beforehand.


Regarding blockchain PR and blockchain companies, having a great idea that fits the main aspects of the blockchain system makes the PR of your blockchain company more successful, your messages more credible and believable and your exposure higher. These aspects include amongst others a democratic and decentralized system, sending encrypted messages and information from one source to another, using the blockchain to reduce transaction costs and being transparent and truly fair.

The power of speaking opportunities

A helpful tool to achieve a successful PR campaign is securing the right speaking opportunities at the right events, conventions and meet-ups, where the right people are attending. It’s a great way to gain exposure and build your brand reputation. Your idea can inspire others to share their knowledge and help you advance your venture or convince others to invest in your project. It is also possible to acquire developers, software engineers or other valuable team members for your team. Also, various types of hackathons and tech gatherings can be of advantage to meet the right people and to move your company forward.

Choosing the best performer in your firm, who can speak successfully in front of a big audience builds an advantage. However, speaking in public can also be achieved with the right media training and creative, punchy key messages. If you need some support on the public speaking front, Blonde can always assist.

Once your participation is published and you are quoted on various outlets your token sale will be much easier and funds will be raised much faster to develop your platform, company or your team. Once the ICO PR efforts prior to your ICO are complete, the credibility of token holders is increased and the token value is increased as well. This makes it likely to be traded with other currencies in a high exchange rate as a new valuable cryptocurrency.



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