Who are the characters behind your token PR agency?

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Women with bitcoin on her eye

There have been dozens of shows dedicated to the kind of characters you find in an office, either in PR, editorial, politics or advertising. The Silicon Valley TV series was the one to most closely represent the personalities found in the high tech world, such as the arrogant entrepreneur and the college dropout-turned coder. Shows like “The Hills” misrepresented the PR world by suggesting it was an all-girls club of fashion and style; we can assume it won’t be long before a story plot is created based on the characters of the crypto space. To make it easier, this token PR agency is setting up the story with characters we already know.


The Hi-Tech Aficionado

A tech afficianado working at a token pr agency

The blockchain industry has created a breed of characters which are community-minded tech enthusiasts and financial experts, leaving the creative souls to find their own place in the system. A token PR agency is the perfect setup for the one who finds himself in between, or what we call, “the hi-tech aficionado that graduated in journalism”. Aficionados don’t have the funds to actually purchase or be a part of any of the technology that they are interested in, so they write about them. They love the larger projects that will make an impact and those which they can say they were believers from the very beginning. Aficionados are visionaries who look forward to thought leadership posts where they can spread their knowledge and passion.


The Skeptic

Skeptic working at a token pr agency

On the opposite end of the spectrum, is the creative, gadget enthusiast, or “the skeptic”. The skeptic needs to see to believe; they crave a crowdfunding campaign story, getting exciting over a levitating carry-on suitcase or a blockchain-powered cellphone, and know exactly how to angle the pitch so that you, too, are ready to support. The skeptic started writing after having an unsuccessful blog of successful products. Now, this early adopter will tolerate reviewing mobile apps, loves review units, and will write a kick-ass lystical pitch on the 5 blockchain services to look out for this year.


The Data Analytics Fien

woman showing data at token pr agency

Finally, the personality that will find pleasure in any project is the data analytics fien; if, and only if, there is data to support. This personality believes numbers before letters, doesn’t trust Apple, and was a pre-Trump Republican. The data analytics fien is eager to spread FACTS, and with the support of your agency, you will be encouraged by this character to collect data from your industry, product, or service in order to be used as a data analytics post, which will support your company’s claim and status in the industry.

Public relations is an industry whose purpose often gets confused with marketing, journalism, event planning, and storytelling. While it can contain fragments of all of the above, PR is ultimately the management of a communication process between a company and its public. A seamless communication between a company and its agency is crucial to the success of a PR cycle. Get to know the characters in your token PR agency, as they are eager to be a part of your success.



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