Crypto Twitter is the right hand of PR coin

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Whether you’re interested in being at the core of drama because life is can boring sometimes, finding new friends with common interests, or attempting to raise over $50M in your ICO, TGE, ITO, or STO – #CryptoTwitter is the place you need to be.

What is #CryptoTwitter?

Things that are being tweeted amongst the crypto community are in no way similar to stories about what you had for lunch or dinner, or what you’ve seen during your daily commute to work.


A single tweet with an outrageous statement that is eventually going to be validated by a high profile person who is knowledgeable, well connected and has a reputation of helping the best ICOs in the game, is what every community or PR Coin manager is wishing to possess a few days prior to the opening of any crypto project’s “fundraising” round.

Finding Success on Twitter

Here are three steps you should follow in order to become more involved in crypto twitter:

  1. Follow the biggest names in the industry: This long list of “to-follows” is hard to complete, since there are tons of epic crypto people that you should be following. Here are few people from different blockchain and crypto disciplines who are quite entertaining, but at the same time can provide you with meme-filled education regarding crypto: Andreas M. Antonopoulos, YT, Ƀrock (NO GIVEAWAYS) PiErce.
  2. Create a Twitter profile worthy of a crypto gangsta: Your profile can be an extremely lucrative and effective tool for attaining interest from crypto people – if you leverage it correctly. It goes without saying that your profile details, including your photo, are critical to your interactions online. The first change that you should make is to work on your bio. Don’t throw random words like Bitcoin and Ether around as if they’re your own basement projects – because obviously they aren’t. Make sure that you mention your rule in the project you’re involved with, and that you write a short description about as well so people would know that you’re not just a fan. Change your profile picture to your own headshot. This is your place to show some humanity and assure your followers that you’re not just a bot.
  3. Follow the right #hashtags: Twitter is one of the best places to get breaking news about Bitcoin, before Bloomberg Crypto or any other breaking-news publication. There is no other platform where you can find everything out all at the same time – this includes which large crypto exchanges got hacked, how the price the price of Bitcoin crashed or how much funding that a popular project has just got. Some of my favorite hashtags that I would advise you to follow are: #cryptotrading, #airdropalert, #daytrade, and #cryptonews.

Crypto Twitter is Key for PR Coin

A random tweet can now have a long -standing impact thanks to the power of the rising crypto revolution. Embrace it, don’t fight it, and don’t resist it as most marketing and PR Coin communities or people are doing, by exclusively using traditional marketing tools such as Google Trends and MentionMapp. One of the most important tips that we all hear is the acknowledgement of the industry in which we’re working. If you’re working in the crypto industry you need to acknowledge the hottest trends that are ruling now, and ask yourself “How can I start being involved in this trend?” #CryptoTwitter is currently the hottest trend.



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