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person putting bitcoin in her pocket

What happens if you take an amazing idea, a talented team of creators, and a product people need? Nothing. Unless people know about it. Entrepreneurs are seemingly churning out the next big thing in the blockchain space daily. Every sector is looking to the potential of a token-powered strategy in their future plans, but without the best PR, the idea will remain a notion, and even the best innovation will stay a concept.

The history of currency

Currency takes on different forms. At different points in history we could trade in seashells, livestock, or even Parmigiano cheese. Paper bills were first introduced by the Chinese who started folding money during the Tang Dynasty. It took Europe another 500 years to catch up, and begin to adopt bills and credit notes.

A stack of coins in front of a clock - pr coin

We all use traditional banking methods. Banks are government regulated, long established and centralized, so we feel comfortable putting our hard earned cash into them. But thanks to regional and global economic crashes, and banks misuse of trust, confidence is declining in the institutions we know, and individuals and businesses are looking for solutions to improve on the service customers receive. Roll in cryptocurrency…

What is a coin, anyway?

So what is a coin, when we think in terms of blockchain? It is simply a form of currency, tradable at a variable value, which you can purchase like any foreign currency before you jet off on holiday. No you can’t eat it, it doesn’t fold, and yes you need a digital wallet to hold it in, but think of it this way; when you deposit your cash into your bank account, you don’t get the same notes back. You see it is in your account by the balance displayed, and you can withdraw it from an ATM, but you don’t physically store all of your cash. Neither will you hold onto your coins.

Scrooge McDuck swims in a pile of gold - pr coin

Effective PR coin doesn’t just shout loudly and wait to see what echos. Every new coin needs a bespoke media strategy designed to amplify the message, and demonstrate the impact and purpose the coin. Anyone considering launching or purchasing coins, needs to know that it is legitimate, adding value and worth the monetary and time investment. Good PR messaging can demystify coins and translate a technical message, into language we can all relate to. Most of us aren’t economic or financial experts, but we can readily understand our bank statements, and make transactions online. We need to move toward understanding coins, and the blockchain space as a whole to be able to tap into this emerging opportunity.

A woman does math to understand pr coin

Blockchain provides the immutable solution to crypto trading, and PR Coin provides the solution to getting this new technology into the consciousness of the masses. Technology is evolving all the time, and bringing with it smarter ways to make, trade and store our money. From camels, to cheese to coins, we should all start to get used to the notion that currency evolves, and we need to trust that even though our coins won’t weigh down our pockets anymore, they are no less real than seashells on the beach.



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