Tips from a token PR agency for crypto companies

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Blockchain just might be the first, great invention of the century (at least some would say), and in the coming years, we may not be able to live without its influence or unique features that come along with its technology. The cryptocurrency market grows bigger every day, as blockchain revolutionizes many sectors such as finance, cybersecurity, betting, payments, healthcare, auctions, AI, logistics, voting and registration systems.

Token PR Agency/stack of dollars and bitcoins

Blockchain-based startups and cryptocurrency creators are continuously popping up all over the world, offering solutions to the world’s problems in the form of code and inventive mining strategies. However, in order to curate and create to the extent that these experts do, blockchain startups, like all other startups, need a solid PR strategy, as well as a token PR agency, to get them off the ground and make a name for themselves. I’m not talking about a “traditional “ PR boutique or firm; I’m alt our saying that the need for a token PR agency that specializes in crypto is imperative. Especially one that can provide advisory services while enabling crypto companies to shine bright like the great stars that they are.

Blonde 2.0 is the token PR agency par excellence, focusing on strategic communications with media and influencers in the field, to take crypto companies to the next level with maximum visibility in the crypto space in front of reporters, investors, and the blockchain community. The Blonde team is happy to share few tips to help your crypto business succeed :

Send a clear message to the masses   

Refine a message that targets the public and allows even non-technical people outside the crypto industry the ability to understand. If the audience is not convinced of the safety and investment potential of the use of cryptocurrency, no one will take into consideration your platform or product. Blockchain startups that want to create awareness of their existence, need to send a comprehensive message; explaining things simply and in meticulous detail to the masses can thoroughly help them understand the convenience and justified geekiness behind a project.   

Be a solution to a problem   

Ask yourself, how and why did you come up with your idea? Try to dive deep into your project to better understand what the real problem is. Also, ask what your cryptocurrency’s purpose is – is it a solution for everyday people, investors or businesses? Complete a market research and set a target audience that will be the right fit for your product and define what both your brand and mission stand for.

Your audience is your greatest treasure

Any startup should monitor web mentions on a daily basis.Track any mentions of your brand name, of your social media profiles, and traffic links to your website. In order to achieve success, it is extremely important to know what the public is thinking and saying about your product. The crypto field is a complex one to understand, therefore, listen to any feedback coming from your audience. This can help your company prevent any negative coverage and fix the problem straight away.

Modern day treasure from a token PR agency

Be a leader in the crypto world

We live in fast paced world, in which anyone can become a cryptocurrency entrepreneur. It’s an extremely competitive field and the crypto-based startups that get ahead will be the first ones to prove themselves as experts in their field. Today’s investors are looking to work with brands who understand the possibilities of blockchain and the opportunities that are presented by crypto.    

And what about you? Do you have any other tip to share? Our token PR agency wishes you the best of luck!



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