The kind of honesty you can expect from your token PR agency

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honesty of a token pr agency

Launching a new blockchain company is an exciting time. From building the website to designing the logo everything is so new. How do you begin to get the word out? With a token PR agency of course. Over the years, we have witnessed the various stages blockchain companies go through as they prepare to publicly announce themselves to the world (in the form of a formal press release, of course).

When you are working with a token PR agency honesty is the best policy, both from the end of the client and from the end of the agency. Together there is one common goal, to get the maximum coverage in the best and more relevant publications coupled with optimal speaking spots at the top blockchain events.

Still, no one knows your company like you, so be prepared to explain what exactly it is that you are doing and why it is important. The better you know the answers to these questions, the better your agency will be able to transfer the information to the media.

Be straightforward with your token PR agency

Think of how you would explain your new endeavor to your grandparents, keep it simple and straightforward. When you are getting your message out you want to make sure everyone understands. The technical “stuff” is also important, but no one will understand it if they don’t understand the basics first. Be prepared for an honest conversation explaining your business with your agency. Be sure to tell your agency who your competitors are, where your weaknesses and strength lie and be truthful in order to maximize the efficiency of your time together.

Know your competition

Before you start work with your agency, make sure you know your competition. Know who else is in the playing field and what sets you apart. You can expect your agency to be honest. Sometimes saying that there are “no competitors” can be more hurtful than helpful. Learning from the successes and failures of competitors is one of the best ways to grasp the optimal way forward. Even if you truly think you have no competitors dig a little deeper and see what else is out there. Be prepared to explain what you have that your competitors are lacking.

Come prepared and focus on the important stuff

Sure having an eye-catching, cool logo that reflects your messaging is important, however, it does not mean much if your white paper and website are not ready. Being able to show reporters a white paper and a typo-free website helps to solidify your credibility. It is best to have both prepared before beginning any outreach process, as this is the first place journalists will go.

Don’t expect an overnight miracle

We are working hard to get your message out on the right platforms with the right wording. It is essential to us that we produce high-quality content and target the correct reporters. This process can take time. Don’t expect your company to be in the headlines the day after your first meeting. Quality public relations is a marathon, not a sprint.

Have realistic expectations and an open mind

Not every story is going to be on the cover of The New York Times and that is okay. Think about the type of stories you see when you read your favorite news sites. We work hard to place you on relevant publications in order to best position your company. Keep an open mind and take a look at some of the smaller, more niche websites, as there are great crowds and communities there that you could be reaching.

Remember we are in this together, and when you succeed, we succeed!



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