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It usually takes two to tango, but if you work in PR, it can take two hundred. There are many moving parts and not enough machines. As the digital age expands, new opportunities are presented and PR has no choice but to adapt. It’s no longer enough to have your company mentioned in Forbes, or featured on TechCrunch, or even have a thought leadership article published on Entrepreneur. Brand awareness has to now incorporate more digital strategy than ever before. Whether that means more social media posts, blog articles, podcast recordings, webinars, some companies go as far as creating their own publication. 

It also isn’t enough to only highlight the company. In a world dominated by technology, our need for a personal, human connection is heightened, and so raising awareness of a company’s leadership team can be just as important as emphasizing the company’s initiatives. We’ve seen this with Apple’s Steve Jobs, Glossier’s Emily Weiss, Sophia Amoruso’s Girlboss empire, and Mark Cuban’s..well Mark Cuban. These names stand on their own, and they also serve to raise the success of the brands they are involved with. 

It takes a village and some luck to create the kind of media storm companies dream of when starting their work with a coin PR agency. See a few tips below on how you, as the company, can help to create the magic you are looking for:

Tips your coin PR agency asks you to remember:

Teamwork makes the dream work

It doesn’t matter which industry you’re in, the competition is out there, and the best way to reach the best results is to work together toward a similar goal. Teamwork can really make a difference, and that includes maintaining active communication with your PR team, clearly stating your company’s goals, and being a present member in strategy meetings. Trusting your PR professionals is also crucial. Have confidence in what your technology PR agency advises when it comes to strategy, timing, and media efforts. Usually, for example, releasing many stories at once can be harmful to your efforts; journalists stop distinguishing one story from the other and become irritated at what may seem like “constant bugging” (or so we’ve been told…). So, rather than questioning what your PR agency says is best when it comes to writing the press releases, the thought leadership post topics, the timing, or the expectations for a particular story, be sure to answer the questions your agency may have in a timely manner, go for the quote opportunities you are offered, and get materials approved as quickly as possible. 

Social is key

Over 2 million articles are published a day online. It is becoming more and more difficult for businesses to make their brand stand out in the media. Word of mouth and building strong communities has become the preferred way to survive the oversaturation of news and brands. Consumers avoid searching for services and products because it just comes back with too many options. Instead, they are looking at what their favorite influencers recommend, what their friends and families post, and whichever other direction that makes it quicker to access. When your coin PR agency gets your company coverage, it is imperative that it gets shared across social channels. 

The combined efforts of a company’s marketing department, PR initiatives, and the active involvement of the team’s leadership are crucial to a successful media buzz, and social media strategies should always be there to compliment an outreach. 



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