Consumer tech PR: How to reach the consumer through B2B PR

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Consumer tech PR

Every company wants to maximize their growth. Tools like PR help you tell your story effectively, contribute to building brand value and driving up demand for your products. It’s one of the best ways to gain exposure, regardless of whether it is B2B or B2C.

When it comes to PR, no one path works for every company. The PR approach depends on different variables – key massaging, products/services, markets, goals, and challenges. There are two different approaches: Consumer tech pr and B2B tech pr. 

The goal of B2C marketing is to push consumers to products on your client’s or company’s website and drive sales, tailoring the message to the consumer. B2B PR selling products or services to other businesses plays a vital role in things like recruitment, thought leadership, and seeking investment or partnership opportunities. A brand’s goals will also shape their PR campaign and comms messaging.

Nowadays, companies/ Individuals that are using consumer tech or B2B understand that B2B and B2C is chicken and egg; without one the other can’t exist, but when consumers are the  biggest stakeholders, firms must prioritize and to focus on consumer tech PR. 

The key to successful consumer tech PR is to think like the consumer. When writing content, such as press releases and pitches, PR professionals should leave out the jargon that is too often associated with traditional B2B writing styles. Consumers won’t understand it or care to read it, and editors won’t publish anything too jargon-packed because of that very reason–and all consumer tech PR firms should be mindful of this fact. Write with the consumer in mind, and follow that logic throughout the process of selecting targets to pitch, strategizing, key messaging, and everything else. There is a way to write and promote B2B clients with the end consumer in mind, and if you follow it, your B2B PR tech PR agency, or whichever PR you do, including blockchain PR, will be that much more successful.



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