Which b2b tech pr agency will dominate in the coming decade?

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B2B tech PR firms

Every tech PR agency aims to be the best. Truly succeeding in 2020 can only be achieved by understanding healthtech, fintech, Crypto, and AI, t prominent tech sub-fields today.

The health tech space and the rise of wellness trends and self-care in recent years has marked the beginning of a new era of healthcare as well as PR. According to research from The Economist Intelligence Unit, as described by Deloitte, while global annual health spending reached $7.077 trillion dollars in 2015, this metric should balloon to $8.734 trillion dollars by 2020. Every successful B2b tech PR agency needs to focus on the different health tech companies and to have an understanding of the shifting methods and consumer perception of the healthcare industry today.

AI companies, too, are on the rise. Driven by the need to connect vast amounts of disparate data, uncover patterns, and make predictions, artificial intelligence is changing every field, from medicine to defense to marketing. A b2b tech pr agency aiming to have high-impact campaigns to build awareness, engage target audiences, and drive sales for tech businesses mustunderstand the shifting market. Only then can a successful b2b tech pr agency capitalize on market trends.

Over the last few years, a new crop of fintech startups has emerged as well, using technology to make it easier for people to invest, make payments, and even take out loans . Often utilizing blockchain technology, these fintech firms are paving the way for a starkly different future for finance, one that stresses efficiency, availability, and often democratization.  .  A forward-thinking B2b tech pr agency needs to adjust to the different perspectives of consumer-shifting markets and the preference of the consumers, and that includes fintech.

An important subcategory of fintech for any b2b  tech pr agency, especially a blockchain PR agency, to keep an eye on is cryptocurrency, the blockchain-based digital currency that some predict will dominate the financial markets of the future. To truly stand out, crytpo pr firms need to follow every crytpo trend. 

In summary, the b2b tech PR agency to dominate the coming decade must have a firm grasp on and connections in all these fields of tech, as they are set to shape its future.



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