How the Best Tech PR firms grappled with COVID-19

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best tech pr firms navigating covid-19

COVID-19 has continued to ravage the globe, taking down much of industry with it. PR might have been first on the chopping block for many companies, others continue to utilize the expertise of technology PR firms. While not always seen as a “must have,” successful public relations campaigns offer tech companies substantial benefits and can literally mean the difference between having enough investors to survive as a company during the pandemic and not. In fact, it’s often the smaller companies that need PR for their basic survival, while bigger, better established companies have the luxury of seeing it as an added bonus.

How the pandemic has impacted tech PR

Since the pandemic began, it has dominated news headlines and social posts globally, entirely flipping news and, by extension PR, on its head. The most successful marketers have to develop new PR strategies to deal with COVID-19, to reach their target customers and put out the right message. So how have the best tech PR firms managed to do so during this penadmic? Is it COVID or nothing?

Firstly, the top technology public relations firms need to understand the new market, which is evolving daily with every development, whether coronavirus-related or about police brutality in the U.S. Not all stories fit in with either topic, even broadly speaking, but it’s the job of the tech PR firms to get creative with angles, targets, and pitches. If your news doesn’t fit in the first wave of coverage, you might be able to place your solution with a follow-up piece.

Secondly, during this time, the best tech PR firms are advising clients to focus on thought leadership and blog posts. Consumers are staying at home, working less, or not working at all. They are constantly online, searching for original content and interesting takes on global events. And the COVID news is getting old. Soon enough, if not already, people will be ready for thought leadership on other, unrelated topics, or they will have an “overdose” on all the COVID-19 news. From coronavirus-related news, to protests of institutional racism and riots, things are moving faster than ever. Without help from the best tech PR firms, it’s impossible for a brand to keep up and properly position itself in the facing news cycles.

Additionally, the COVID crisis, followed by economic struggle and outrage over social injustice, consumers have been made painfully aware that the world needs help. Companies are deciding to help the different communities by donating money, supplies, and support through other means. Great tech PR firms communicate these efforts to the public, and it makes a tangible difference. Far from offering superficial “feel good” benefits, the best PR firms for tech startups positioning companies as positive agents of change resonate because consumers appreciate brands that accept social responsibility. But if you accept your social responsibility and no one heard about it, did it ever really happen? Hence, PR.

Strategy is key

Addressing the novel coronavirus and utilizing the news cycles it creates to the client’s advantage is imperative, especially when the client is tackling the virus. Tech PR firms must plan a COVID-era strategy that is adaptable and plans for the unknown, because we are certainly entering unknown territory.



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