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Med tech PR

Healthcare technology is one of the fastest growing B2B technology sectors today. Today’s healthcare industry is a $2 trillion behemoth industry that is looking for ways to improve in nearly every imaginable area. Like any growing industry, Med Tech faces serious challenges. The most important challenges the industry faces include the time it takes to get the product to the market, as well as data management and security, on which there are frequent changes in legislation, making it difficult to understand the landscape and craft successful messaging. It’s hard enough to market many B2B brands as sexy, and Med Tech, especially Med Tech that is unrelated to the novel coronavirus, can be especially hard to promote. To help overcome these challenges and more, companies must utilize the expertise of health tech PR.

Reaching target markets

Med Tech, in its essence, is an incredibly technical, dense field. Mainstream audiences, and when it comes to PR, many writers and editors, aren’t aware of the technologies available, or the jargon behind them. The right Med Tech PR agency will develop a strategy to achieve their clients’ goals and reach their target markets, as well as finding creative and appealing ways to deliver their messages. The best Med tech PR agency will have a unique way of simplifying and amplifying a consistent message that delivers value to its client, as well through PR efforts that coherently describe the medical device and its advantages. Through these efforts, the right Medical device PR firm will help its clients’ achieve goals in a way that wouldn’t be possible without professional expertise.

Another challenge is to stay ahead of the curve and maintain a deep knowledge of the market, which is constantly evolving. A successful Med tech PR firm will always know who the competitors are, what’s going on in the market, and which news items are important to emphasise, and they will adjust in unison with the market. It’s often the case tha Med Tech companies themselves are only made aware of their competitors after they employ an external PR agency, who does the thorough research and mapping of the field and its major players. Medical companies themselves often find themselves so bogged down in the technicalities of their products and services that they don’t have the time or resources to compete without the help of B2B tech PR professionals, and let’s face it, most med tech experts aren’t exactly branding specialists.

Don’t miss on branding opportunities

Addressing the branding challenge will contribute to rapid growth of the company, whether it offers a health app, service, or a solution, successful Med tech PR can help to face the challenges and push tech companies to implement their potential and to improve lives. So even when times are tough and PR seems like an afterthought, companies should ensure they’ve done a thorough analysis of whether or not they can really do without the added value master branders provide. Some argue it’s hard to measure that added value, but data can be helpful in analyzing the concrete benefits PR provides, such as coverage reports, lists of investors who reached out due to a PR outreach, etc. Brands shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to brand themselves effectively, no matter the circumstances.



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