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IEO public relations agency

Financial products are rarely straightforward, and crypto is a complicated industry in and of itself. Add a layer of entirely illegible financial jargon to the mix and you get an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) whitepaper. This is a great hindrance for mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. New adopters are all tech-savvy, and they must have a considerable interest in Crypto in general. However, the industry is simultaneously trying to appeal to the masses. This is where the IEO public relations agency must do a better job. While the white papers for an IEO will necessarily be challenging to understand, an IEO public relations agency must do its work of actually doing Public Relations service for ICO, and make them understandable for the general population. This could be in the form of publishing additional documents with understandable language and graphics. It will be of great support for adoption, but it will also help the offering itself. The industry has added one currency after another, but that it still hasn’t gotten around to making the technicals understandable is a failure. This is where suitable explanatory materials provided by a professional IEO public relations agency can come in and really save the day.

What is the Deal with an IEO? Well, at this point, most of us have heard about an ICO, it is an Initial Coin Offering. An IEO is very similar, but the difference lies in that the Crypto offered in an IEO is listed on an exchange, so the exchange is the middle man. For people that want to buy the currency, it makes things easy, because the only thing you have to do to get into an exchange offering is to go through the KYC procedures of the exchange, and then you are in. In this context, the PR agency’s role becomes even more critical. Sophisticated investors that previously wanted in on an ICO could understand a whitepaper. Still, with an Initial Exchange offering, a simpler type of investor could get in. Then the PR agency has its work cut out to make the whitepaper understandable.

The question of being able to do due diligence becomes extra pertinent when it comes to IEO. The investor should investigate the exchange thoroughly because it is the exchange’s job to do the diligence on the IEO. If an investor trusts the exchange, then getting in on an IEO should be reasonably straightforward. An IEO Public Relations agency’s role is still crucial, since getting in on an offering is often more than a simple bet on a new currency, it is about understanding what this cryptocurrency’s role will be in the ecosystem. An IEO PR Agency then is essential for generating this understanding. As crypto becomes more accessible to the masses and more thoroughly adopted, this will benefit everyone, from the most sophisticated investor to the most simple new adopter. This ecosystem will grow and has the potential to revolutionize the way finance works. All of us in the system have a role to play for—everyone’s sake—but IEO PR must take the lead.



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