The best PR firm for tech startups knows it’s life or death

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best PR firm for tech startups

PR firms for tech startups work with a different range of companies in different stages of their development. Some are established companies, others are startups. Even within the startup category there are companies at various stages in their development. PR tech companies must create different strategies for their variety of clients on how to leverage their PR efforts, tailoring each strategy to the specific needs of each individual client.

Avoiding the specter of death

Most startups eventually die or “become zombies”⁠. Startups begin without any kind of reputation, meaning the market is unfamiliar with their brands, products, and services. People are not yet aware of their value, or what it is that they exactly do. The best PR firms for tech and startups will raise brand awareness through “key messages,” which enhance public knowledge, educate the public about the company or service, as well as differentiate the company’s brand from competitors. The best PR firms will engage the public with the product or brand, the public will be left wanting to know more about where they can get their hands on the product or how they can seek out more information on the brand. Through their efforts, PR firms will also help raise funds. PR agencies understand the value of relationships, and will schedule meetings with different reporters who will meet with a C-level from the startup, which will then put an impression of the company within the reporter’s mind. 

The best PR firms for tech startups aim to enhance their client’s message and help share the value of their product with their target audience. In many cases, startups reach out to the best tech PR agencies in order to develop a similar strategy to those of established companies. However, a good PR agency should be able to explain the difference between how the message from a startup company should be conveyed differently from an established company. The main difference in strategy should keep in mind startups seeking PR literally need it for their survival⁠—it’s often one of their primary means of receiving catching the attention of investors and receiving funding. 

How PR for tech startups is different

Meanwhile, established organizations already have brand awareness and can stand on their own two feet. They don’t view their PR firm as their lifeblood, they view it as an added bonus. Therefore, the best PR  firms for tech and startups companies focus on customer retention, HR angles, new product launches, company growth, and keeping the company relevant. A “keep your head in the game” mentality prevails, emphasizing leadership and crisis management, while keeping in mind the “key messages” and values of the company.  For example, founded in 2010, Viber, a cross-platform voice over IP and instant messaging software application, was bought by Japan’s Rakuten.  However, although Viber was purchased, the company’s key messages still remain the same as well as their understanding of their competitors within this market.  

PR for tech startups differentiate between companies and explain to their clients the importance of PR, as well as create a special strategy for each client to maximize its potential in a variety of markets. No one PR strategy works for multiple companies, so it is crucial that the best PR agencies can give each company a personalized strategy in order to create a successful marketing plan for their brand.



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