Blockchain PR in times of crisis: Go in at full force

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blockchain PR firms show their strength

COVID-19 isn’t the world’s first crisis or pandemic. Economic shocks, natural disasters, and war have plagued humanity, not to mention previous pandemics. What differentiates this pandemic, in particular, from other pandemics and disasters is the world’s joint response. Almost everywhere, government mandated lockdowns of some kind were enacted, as well as social distancing guidelines and mask initiatives. Of course, that has had a direct impact on business, and PR in particular.

Beware the burnout

Blockchain PR firms, in particular, are in “burnout mode” after many of their clients suffered major setbacks in the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It’s important not to let that affect morale, and it’s important for the successful crypto PR agency to move forward at full speed. Now, more than ever, PR specialists play a key role in helping to revamp corporate reputations, especially in the financial technology space, as governments search for new ways to distribute stimulus funds. Technology PR firms must capitalize on this trend.

As financial technology solutions take front stage, blockchain PR agencies shouldn’t hesitate to continue in promoting their client’s campaigns. Yes, writers are busy. Yes, there might be more pressing issues than the latest blockchain protocol. But the COVID-19 pandemic is here to stay, and journalists are covering more than just issues affected by it directly. 

PR companies should be aware of the “conversation of the day,” in crypto and mainstream circles in order to tailor their messages to both verticals. Blockchain’s goal is to penetrate mainstream circles, and PR can help it get there, especially in these times.

PR agencies are equipped to deal with crisis communications, and human connection is an important aspect of that. This is key for any PR agency to manage a crisis, but it is especially important in technical fields crypto PR and ICO PR, martech PR, med tech PR, to humanize the company’s response to the crisis it is facing. Crypto and blockchain companies are quite jargon-packed, so it is important that the PR agency add a sense of human touch to their tone when dealing with the public in that they respond with warmth, positivity, and in a friendly manner. A successful IEO PR agency should make it so that people feel as though they are interacting with a real person and, not just a corporation. Especially now, when newspapers are flooded with very robotic pitches, personalization can help you stand out.

Keep pushing forward

During crises, such as the one we currently face, many PR people mistakenly think they should slow down in order to give journalists some time to digest the situation, and pitch them after it’s over. The problem with that logic is the pandemic isn’t going to slow down anytime soon. The only way to achieve results is to push forward, at full speed, and continue working towards what is ahead. Pitches, thought leadership, interviews, and even virtual events must continue. In times like these, it is the only way for PR to survive, and it is the only way to propel blockchain forward.



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