Why Tech PR Became So Central To Startup Success

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consumer tech pr generates ideas for startups

These days, it seems like every person and their dog has an ingenious tech startup idea. The problem though, isn’t always the idea. It’s whether it will attract the attention needed to achieve its potential. It’s become increasingly clear that an effective product coupled with honest hard work will only get you so far, for startups to reach anywhere near their full potential, the utilization of consumer tech PR marketing has become compulsory. 

The Value

The importance of intangible assets has risen dramatically in recent times, it is now probably the single most important sub-set of value, making up for almost 80 percent of a company’s value. The power of this, although not always visible or clear to the amatuer eye, should not be underestimated. Harnessing the power of this PR for tech startups constitutes a significant chunk of this intangible element, existing as one of the more important springboards to achieve success.  It can prove to be the difference between gaining the attention needed to scale-up to the next level, and simply stagnating. Conveying positive attention to the most important players in the process should be much more focused; from VC’S to partnership opportunities, the potential for a startup to take the next step comes from the most unlikely of places.

So What’s The Story?

Getting your story straight sounds like a pretty fundamental principle, but it’s one part of the process that so many start-up ventures fail to do coherently. With an evolving market flooded with more and more start-up solutions, you better paint a clear and dynamic picture of what you will be providing the market. Tech startups may be quite proficient at coding, but telling a story might not be their bread-and-butter. That’s where some of the best tech pr firms come into their own, steering a fledgling start-up by employing a clear and coherent message. By taking the time to become intimately familiar with the startup, they are able to take even the most complex story and make it easily accessible to customers and possible buyers

The Power of Blog

Some startup founders find the value in blogging, some just don’t regard it important. It doesn’t even take the best tech PR agency to remind you that: without creating an early tangible presence, startups can, and do, easily dissipate. That’s where the values of content marketing come into play; producing consistent, thoughtful and original content not only gives you a presence in the market, but it also let’s startups communicate who they are as a firm. That’s where blogging can help a company tell its story, and they can do it through an episodic format which only makes it easier to truly build a story and a message.

You may well have one of the most fantastic tech solutions to hit the market this decade, but without perfecting the take-off through resolute consumer tech PR, you’re unlikely to even get off the ground.



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