What the best tech PR firms have that you don’t

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leading the best tech pr firm is like coaching football

Imagine: You are a football coach, using your voice to effectively rally your players and execute your plan to score the winning touchdown. Tech PR is just like this in that successful tech PR firms can use their storytelling skills to rally the media, and by extension their target audience around their story. The best tech PR firms master this ability in order to propel their clients’ brands to new heights.

Here are six important tips for upping your PR ante:

1. Strong Storytelling Skills and an Understanding

It is important that the best tech PR firms have strong storytelling skills and convey messages to the media in a coherent and effective way. Just as any other story, pitches should include a beginning, middle and end. The objectives must be transparent as well as consistent when writing pitches and press releases, as well as other content.

The top PR firms keep their audiences curious—they don’t spill everything about their product, but leave readers seeking more of it. Not only must the tech PR firm have strong storytelling skills, but they must also have a clear understanding of their client’s markets as well as their business objectives, optimizing their strategies in order to obtain the best media coverage for their client.

2. Tech Industry/ Tech Terminology Knowledge

Tech PR firms should be up to date on all tech lingo and key tech terms in order to keep the public interested in what the company has to say, as well as keep the company relevant in the media covering the everchanging tech industry. These firms keep up with the tech industry and its lingo by following tech-industry social media accounts and using these platforms to interact with experts within the industry around the globe. Also, teamwork truly does make the dreamwork. PR professionals share their knowledge with one another and therefore learn from each other.

3. The Best Tech PR Firms Build Relationships

Technology public relations firms make friends in place of contacts. They get to know the tech journalists of the publications they are pitching to, focusing on the aspect of human relations. The best of the tech public relations industry forges these social relationships by reading the journalist’s prior work, becoming acquainted with their writing style. They may also engage with the journalist on social media, where they can keep up with the interests of the journalist as well as partake in a casual, but genuine, social interaction.

4. Focus on the Pitch

The top PR firms write a strong, creative pitch for the specific journalist they are pitching to. The way to write a strong pitch is to develop an angle, every good pitch should have an angle. The pitch should also have a hook at the beginning or a catchy headline, something to grab the attention of the journalist and keep them reading. Successful pitches should resonate with the journalist, evoking emotion towards the product, in order for their pitches to stand out from what the journalist sees on a daily basis.

5. Monitor the Media and Stay up to Date

In the constantly changing world of tech, the best tech PR firms will monitor the media within their industry and always keep an eye on the newest social networking platforms so that they can use the correct media platforms to reach their target audience. Tech PR firms must always keep up with the latest media trends within the tech industry, which ensures that they produce quality media content for their clients.

6. The Best Tech PR Firms Keep Their Eyes on the Prize

As soon as a story is published, it’s a thing of the past and the public has moved on. Media coverage vanishes within the blink of an eye, which is why the best PR agencies are always focused on the future and have well defined long-term goals.

Now that you have been let in on the secrets of successful tech PR agencies, what are you waiting for? Get started on building up the next best tech PR agency!



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