What’s the Best Time To Start PR For Tech Startups

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time for pr for tech startups

Time and again, we notice that far too many startups, particularly those run by novice entrepreneurs, start looking into PR initiatives a little too late in the game. While it does theoretically make sense to reach out to PR firms shortly before launch (or any other milestone event), it’s important to understand there’s so much that the best tech PR firms have to offer than what meets the eye. 

Technology PR agencies don’t solely get the story out to the press. They also help craft the story itself, which takes time under the skilled, experienced, and watchful eye. After all, in many cases, audiences may care more about the value or impact of the product/service, over the tech specs. Only PR professionals would understand the balance that best be maintained to interest audiences that might not otherwise be reached. The earlier tech companies reach out to PR agencies before launch, the better.

Why PR For Tech Startups Should Start As Early As Possible

In a nutshell, the reason why companies should invest in PR for tech startups very early on is because the monetary benefits in the long term far outweigh the cost of investment. 

  • PR agencies help brands, and the executives behind those brands, rise above the competition
  • Their work, by extension, helps companies build their recruiting pool, so applicants are familiar with the brand before applying
  • Initiatives in PR for tech startups amplify marketing efforts in terms of reach, impressions, and brand sentiment

This obviously doesn’t mean entrepreneurs should contact PR firms as soon as their startup becomes incorporated. At the very least, they should have evidence of a clear product-market fit, and they must ensure that they have heavy competition. The latter is particularly important because if entrepreneurs know people are reading about their competitors, their own company will have a shot in falling into the prospect’s radar as well, especially with proper PR. A company must never assume it doesn’t have any competitors. In the words of tech influencer HIllel Fuld, “If you think you have no competition, you are either very wrong or there is absolutely no market for the product you are building.”

It’s Also Never Too Late For Technology PR Initiatives

Of course, it isn’t always possible for tech companies to begin their PR initiatives very early on. Obstacles do get in the way of startups, especially in the bootstrapped startup life. Entrepreneurs may choose to dedicate their time and resources towards building/perfecting the product/service. They might simply not have the finances set in place. There might even be some internal tensions brewing that prevent them from taking that PR step. 

In any event, it’s perfectly okay to reach out to a PR agency post-launch, even if it is long after launch. PR stories can be made out of (almost) anything, from strategic hires, to product updates, to partnerships, to event participation, to new office openings, and so much more. The bottom line is: the sooner tech entrepreneurs reach out to work with PR agencies, the sooner the agencies can craft and perfect the messaging and strategy for any campaign. The sooner the narrative can be strategically controlled, the more beneficial for all parties involved.

PR for tech startups, at every step, plays a critical role in helping brands make a mark in their industry, and can be a make-or-break for brands that are struggling to get noticed. Remember, your company whitepaper is usually meaningless



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