5 reasons you need a dedicated cryptocurrency PR firm

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cryptocurrency PR

The PR industry is branched out by worlds of content. A PR firm specializing in the music industry might not have the right tools to understand a medical technology client, just as a PR firm specializing in fintech might not have the right connections in the beauty industry. Companies seeking PR for coin are no different in the sense that choosing a cryptocurrency PR firm specializing in the industry is essential to pushing the right message, the right way.

They speak your language

Everyone in the crypto and blockchain industry knows the struggle of explaining the complex concepts and terms to people outside the industry. As such, it’s of utmost importance to hire a crypto PR firm that already knows and understands what you are talking about. You can rely on them to quickly come to understand your product and why it is groundbreaking in the crypto world. If they truly understand your technology, they can explain it better to the media. And, when it comes to understanding key messaging for crypto and blockchain, finance PR isn’t going to cut it.

They have the right connections

The cryptocurrency community is like a mid-sized town. If you take part in the community, you get to know all the right people. The best cryptocurrency PR firms know everyone in town. They have close connections at crypto and blockchain publications. On the other end, publications know they can trust the information coming from the PR firm. While the finance and crypto industries meet in the financial technology sector and the idea is for them to become more intertwined, well, they aren’t yet. Most finance folk understand the basics of crypto, but the basics, once again, simply aren’t going to be enough to propel your brand into as many headlines as possible.

They have experience in cryptocurrency PR

Cryptocurrency PR agencies didn’t acquire their knowledge and connections in a day. Their experience in the field allows them to navigate through any obstacle or challenge like a seasoned sailor in rough waters. They understand the regulatory limitations, as well as what you can and can’t share with the media. They are constantly monitoring the motions in the industry and know what makes crypto news. Another added value from years of experience enables them to know the big names, beyond just crypto journalists, which might open some business opportunities outside of their PR efforts.

They believe in you

We mustn’t forget that Bitcoin, along with other crypto and blockchain innovations, were founded based on a common idea. As crypto becomes more and more mainstream, it still has a long way to go before it becomes fully adopted. There are still some skeptics out there that don’t believe in crypto’s longevity and success, and that’s the last thing you need in a PR rep. The key for success is to hire a PR agency that is passionate about your project in the long run as they are also keen to see crypto adopted.

They are attentive to your needs

An experienced PR agency specializing in crypto is still a PR agency. It should come up with a detailed PR strategy that is also flexible enough to match the fast pace of the crypto world. These professionals are there for you even after office hours. They produce unique content on a timely basis, communicate strategy, and celebrate success with you. The experts in the firm are always thinking about new and creative ways to make you stand out in the crypto sphere and initiate constantly. Know them, hire them.



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