Top traits of the best PR firms for tech startups

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Best tech PR firms for startups are like superheroes

As an award-winning boutique tech PR firm that’s known for its innovative and smart communication approach, we know a thing or two when it comes to what teams are looking for when on the hunt for the best PR firms for tech startups. Recommendations are plentiful on search engines, social media, and through word-of-mouth. At the end of the day, it is only through some investigating that internal team members would be able to narrow down on their top picks from their shortlist of best PR firms for tech startups.

After all, not all firms are created equal. Some may excel in representing NGO’s, but lack in consumer tech PR. Others might be renowned for their work with large tech conglomerates, while steering clear of taking on PR for tech startups. The only ones that are worth reaching out to are the ones that are most relevant.

We recommend you study each firm, before even reaching out to them, to ensure they have the following traits down pat, which ultimately boil down to two categories: the tech side, and the human side.

Well-rounded expertise in technology

All prospective PR firms must be more/less knowledgeable in your technology sector. If they only ever focused on B2B software, but your company revolves around blockchain technology, it may not be a good fit. You must ensure the firms in question have an understanding of major trends and events in your industry, so they can hit the ground running if and when they start working with you. Bear in mind, there will always be a learning curve in the initial weeks with any PR firm as they learn the ins and outs of your product and service, while you learn of their processes. You can get an idea of their scope of expertise by going through their shared content across social channels, and their list of clients.

You might also want to have a look at their capabilities that go beyond PR. For example, do they also offer assistance in social media or SEO? If you’re understaffed, do they have the capability to assist with content creation, or would that be on you?

It is also recommended that you look into whether they provide quantifiable outcomes for their efforts. It all comes down to metrics, especially with digital campaigns. You can get a sense of this by looking into case studies, white papers, informative videos, blog posts, podcasts, press releases, and other forms of media released by the firm.

The best PR firms for tech startups have the human touch

While this may go without saying, it must be said. The best PR firms for tech startups must have key media relationships that are already established. Their media contacts must be essential to the success of your company. Don’t forget, the goal shouldn’t only be to be featured on top tier tech publications. Often it’s far more strategic and impactful to be featured in niche publications and other targeted trade outlets. You can get a sense of this by going through their website, as most PR firms prominently display the outlets where they had their clients featured.

Last but not least, try to get a feel of whether they are genuinely enthusiastic about the success of their clients over the long term. This will help you gain an understanding of how dedicated and creative they have proven to be. A quick glance at their social media postings would demonstrate their enthusiasm for their clients.

Once you narrow down to the ultimate firm that meets this criteria in a way that aligns with your company’s needs, you can be more confident over the increased odds of success in the potential collaboration as you reach out to them.



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