Health tech PR: Is Gen Z wearing its doctor on its wrist?

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health tech PR for health monitors

Health and fitness in today’s generation is quite extreme in comparison to anything it’s been in the past. You could be the laziest person ever and still manage to be active with the resources so easily at your disposal. Just scroll through your feed and you’ll find a plethora of accounts telling you exactly how to work out, what body part to work, what to eat, when to eat it, why you have to do certain things…you get the point.

Fitness has become so integrated into the consumer world that people are unconsciously healthier. In many ways, technology has changed our world for the better. Its ability to spread the importance of health and fitness has shifted society and technology to value health and fitness in a more productive way. None of this, however, would be possible without the advancement of everyday technology. With health apps, ability to spread credible knowledge, and having the capacity for anyone to share health tips, there is literally something for every type of person to better their health.

The popularity of health and fitness in the media has driven so many huge technology players to capitalize on this shift in behavior, and health tech PR should be taking note. Mainstream tech giants have brought such advanced health devices to the hands of mundane consumers that individuals can maintain their health from home, limiting the need for doctors. With iPhones, the Apple Watch, FitBit, and so much more, people rely on these types of devices to achieve their fitness goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Now, maybe they are necessary, maybe they aren’t, but without a doubt technology firms have established their presence in the health and fitness market.

Health tech PR shouldn’t only be focusing on entrepreneurs and innovators developing advanced hospital devices, or pitching medical centers and investors. The healthcare market is transforming into a household ability with the advancement in technology. While medical device PR advances the healthcare system tenfold, it should not neglect taking advantage of this huge market. Health tech PR should consider how the next big “at home” healthcare device is going to be brought to market. Whether that means focusing on educating consumers, or relating new products in the most attractive way, there definitely is a growing demand present.

Health tech PR for Gen Z

Any member of Generation Z, can attest to the fact that more and more young adults are prioritizing their physical health, and doing so with the help of commercialized medical devices. Especially because these devices are attracting the younger generation. Thanks to the popularity of health and fitness, med tech PR firms could be very successful if they introduce newer (hopefully cheaper) alternatives to the mainstream health and fitness tools.

With these devices tracking your heart rate, blood sugar levels, step count, and more, all this information could be used and synced to your health care professionals. Therefore, the future of at-home healthcare devices could actually have a better impact on your overall health by tracking and understanding your health at a daily rate.



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