Peeking behind the curtains of a B2B tech PR agency

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B2B tech PR agency

There are many challenges technology public relations firms face during their daily duties. Even top tech PR firms can sometimes find themselves befuddled regarding the best course of action, whether with clients, co-workers, or themselves. These difficulties arise especially when working in a more niche field like the B2B industry and catering to its different protocols. With a fast growing technological world, there will always be changing dynamics, so being adaptable to these changes is how your PR firm will truly flourish. You might not be able to totally eliminate your problems, but you can certainly adjust.

While the successful B2B tech PR agency does specialize in technology and business-to-business relations, it doesn’t ensure the complete understanding of a company’s technological product and its intricate details. This reality can make pitching difficult for a publicist when they don’t completely understand the technological aspects of the product with which they are trying to relate. Just as you can’t teach an idea you don’t understand, you can’t sell a product or company that baffles you. In this case, limitations occur when reaching out to media outlets for clients. When clients take the time to explain and educate their PR firm about their products, a better bond is built between the publicist and product which encourages them to showcase it to the best of their ability. Therefore pitching becomes more enthusiastic and that energy is picked up by the journalist, making the story more desirable. Of course, it’s up to the publicist to work closely with the client in order to extract as much information and insights possible in order to make this happen.

It is obvious when saying the better coverage that a PR firm can get a business, the better the firm is. While not all companies will be able to get top tier coverage every time they are published, it is the job of a B2B tech PR agency to get the best coverage possible for their client. However, when working with B2B companies, it is often the case that PR firms are dealing with a more niche category than the business-to-consumer realm. Gaining exposure for a client is trickier in this instance because a crucial part of PR, which is sourcing and choosing publications, is more difficult since its focus is on very specific sources. Meaning, your B2B tech PR agency, who is limited in the publications and forms of outreach it can utilize, have to work extra hard in order to get the proper and most beneficial exposure for their clients. That being said, in the case of B2B companies, it is not always the big publications that are best for niche businesses. 

Not just do these PR agencies need to find specific sources that cater to a B2B company, but the content itself has to be geared toward a particular audience. Those gears need to be shifted into a specific creativity, flare, informative style, and attraction that’s a little different from the avenues a company would take when working with B2C clients, in order to capture the B2B consumers. Granted every client requires different writing, but a difficulty that comes about with B2B clients is that the consumerism of the B2B industry has not completely adapted the ways of the B2C world, and therefore PR firms need to take this truth into account. 

A B2B tech PR agency: the more you shmooze the better the views 

Every task in PR comes with its difficulties. It is easy to forget that being the middle ground between client and publication doesn’t always ensure complete success. Working in PR is a constant reminder that the way we convey a message totally changes the way the recipient takes it. What is also important is understanding your client and what they need. No two clients will ever be the same, and as mentioned, technology industries are dynamic and forever evolving. While B2B clients are niche and require a different perspective, it boils down to knowing your client, their industry, what will work best for them, and how to deliver your message in the most intriguing way possible. That makes for good PR.



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