Why consumer tech PR is critical to the startup nation

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consumer tech PR

“If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on PR.” Bill Gates’s famous quote underscores that consumer tech PR and public relations for company success is fundamental to its success. No less is this true for the genius inventors that make up the notorious startup nation of Israel. While recognized around the globe for its brilliant and innovative startups, especially in technology R&D, not even Israel nor its many tech startups can achieve their true potential without the skills and experience of a technology PR agency

The internet age need for consumer tech PR

Consumers appreciate the progressive technology and machines that make their lives easier in every way, and how could they not? From laser-hair removal machines to medical imaging diagnosis devices, technology has reshaped our world. Yet it is undeniable that these tools would not be as recognized without proper brand imaging. In the age of the internet in which we currently live, the capacity to which a corporation can be brought down from a review or negative experience is difficult to grasp. With the access that we have today to platforms that have so many eyes passing over them at every moment, from all levels of society, it makes it easy to understand how a company can crumble with a low star rating, dislike button, or an opposing article surfing the cyberspace. 

Israeli tech startups are no exception. If anything, they fall into the rule. With an abundance of brilliant minds making up these companies, it is easy for them to believe their product will speak for itself without the need for external PR. In reality, it is unreasonable to assume a consumer will value a product to the depths that their creators do. Often because of this we see startups fail. The benefit of having PR for tech startups involves the relationship that public relations agencies develop with journalists, buyers, and consumers, no matter the scale.     

Consumer tech PR agencies work tirelessly to develop and harvest relationships in order to ensure their clients obtain the best coverage they can, by professionals who have an interest in their fields. They do so in a way tech startups can’t, because PR is a full time job. Through proper communication and branding, which these PR agencies specialize in, they are able to portray a company in a certain way that is receivable by the daily consumer. While there is no one more passionate about a product than its creator, that passion is often lost in translation, even more so when their specialty is in technology and not the public relations of technology. Even more so, in this internet age, PR agencies understand the delicacy of consumers and cater each word to the end user, so that a positive understanding of a product will be passed through the chain of publicity. 

In the early stages of any business, it is important to develop a positive and attractive brand image among consumers and industry peers. Israeli tech startups especially, who are very focused on the high-tech world, must be able to trust these consumer tech PR firms to translate their product into the consumer world. Without the skills and aid of public relations, the startup nation would not be granted its name.



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