2020 Trends for a Tech PR Agency Are So Last Year. Bring It On 2021!

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Twenty twenty was a year of grappling to adapt to exceptional circumstances. Whether it was Zoom, 8K TV, telehealth, drone delivery, or lack of privacy, the pandemic defined the new norm. More often than not, things were beyond our control. Therefore the reality of being “in” and keeping up with the latest trends was definitely a must. However, 2020 is over and in order to open the year with the right foot, being acquainted with the newest trends is at the top of our wish list. Twenty twenty-one is the year of transitions.

Technology is arguably the most struck-out aspect of the 21st century. Public relations, or as we like to refer to it, perfect relations, is arguably among the most dynamic businesses in the market. The pandemic introduced new and emerging technologies, and in the PR industry, using technology to the best of our ability is the necessary path to succeed. What better way to maintain perfect relations than to get acquainted with the 2021 trends?

It is now more than ever essential for the successful tech PR agency to deliver the precise message to the precise audience at the precise time. 

What happens when marketing trends evolve?

Markets have to constantly be up-to-date with the changing marketing landscape. Delivering your intended message to a consumer is a complicated affair that requires befitting the latest trends. At least, that’s what will earn any tech PR agency a competitive advantage. 2020 has been an exotic and exhausting year. Since the working age belongs to the millenials, beyond adapting to modern technologies, 2020 has exhausted them by having to further adapt to this COVID19-spurred technology-based year. Therefore, the mastering of 2021s brand marketing trends is essential.


The Trends a Tech PR Agency Should Watch Out For:

The recovery will be digital

It is no secret that the pandemic has sped up the digital transformation. What would’ve naturally happened over the course of the next couple of years, happened over 2020. Regardless of whether the impact of COVID-19 has been positive or negative, a dramatic pivot toward technology occurred unpredictably. Mastering digitalization will be the determining factor of existence in the business world since everything technology is an opportunity. 


Redefining mainstream

Livestream goes mainstream. Twenty twenty brought innovation, and 2021 will put the innovations to practice. Normalizing events through streaming video platforms is the latest fashion. Communications will undergo a technological shift and be exercised through live streaming. The future of a tech PR agency will arguably be fully technological and 200% live stream. 


Bye bye journalists, hello influencers

Who would’ve heard of tik tok prior to covid? Today, anybody who’s somebody is on TikTok. Anyone up to date with the latest influencer culture comprehends the extent of power held by a social media platform. The need to be stuck in a four-walled room has triggered the rapid acceleration of social influencer growth and has given social media platforms more power than ever. This trend will only continue to grow and will develop beyond a form of entertainment, to an effective business tool. 

TikTok logo in a mobile phone
Who would’ve heard of Tik Tok prior to covid?

Broadcasting through podcasting

More than 100 million Americans listened to at least one podcast per month in 2020. As podcasts take a step in the right direction, this trend becomes one to be on the lookout for any tech PR agency. The possibilities are endless and the ability to target a niche audience brings forth a win-win situation for both the consumer and the producer. Podcasts can help position companies as thought leaders, all while providing a unique opportunity to boost brand awareness.



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