Medical Technology: How to Market Innovation in Medicine and Healthcare

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Health care and medical services concept with circular AR interface and female doctor using stethoscope

Recent advancements in medical technology are transforming how professionals do their jobs. These innovations range from medical devices and diagnostics to patient monitoring and database management.

With technology as an enabler in the medical industry in the pandemic era, letting the world know how to have efficient and effective treatment through technology has become paramount. By shifting to the user’s perspective, manufacturers can better market these innovations to healthcare professionals and the public.

Presenting the Benefits of Technology in Medicine

Healthcare administrators are well-aware of their problems. Merely explaining your technological device’s specs is not enough to convince them. It would be best to get some tips from med-tech public relations services. They improve how you present your innovation’s benefits to your potential clients. Here are a few helpful reminders.

Don’t underestimate your clients.

Administrators and healthcare professionals keep up with the latest news in the industry. They already know about the med-tech products you offer most of the time. Assuming otherwise prevents you from building a relationship with them.

Before presenting your new product, look up the sources where potential clients might find information about it. Check discussion boards to identify popular objections and counterarguments. Develop a communication strategy based on your findings.

Don’t make it too complicated.

Marketing innovations in medicine are challenging. There will be days when you will speak with an expert familiar with the technical jargon. Other days, you might meet with a decision-maker who has little understanding of the product you offer.

Creating an informative communication strategy is essential to make sure your message is understood across the board. You don’t have to oversimplify your message. You can still use technical terms; make sure you give the client context to understand.

Don’t focus on your company.

The benefits of your technology in medicine and healthcare are your main selling points. But failing to realize how these directly address specific problems can become a hindrance. Administrators and other professionals prefer to discuss the issues they’re experiencing.

Initiate these types of conversations with them. Have them list down their problems and identify which ones your med-tech device can address. This shows your potential clients that you are interested in providing solutions for their operations. It builds trust and encourages them to consider your company as their supplier.

Don’t focus on short-term goals.

Although making a sale is important, building a relationship is better for your long-term growth. The fast-paced nature of the med-tech industry means innovations are continually emerging. Making your company their go-to supplier will be better for your bottom line.

Develop a strategy that focuses on long-term growth. Consider the hospitals and clinics you will approach and identify their problem points. Learn how to tackle these problems while discussing your products, using this learning as leverage to build a relationship with your clients.

ReBlonde Public Relations specializes in the tech industry. We understand the challenges of marketing technological advancements in medicine and healthcare. Discover how a good communication strategy and PR campaign will help you promote your medical technology to the right audience.



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