Why Storytelling is Essential to Your Tech PR

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Storytelling Concept on Notebook

The tech industry is an exciting place because discoveries are made almost daily. But these innovations aren’t easy to market to the public. More often than not, it’s challenging to recreate such an excitement outside of the industry.

Although a few non-industry individuals, such as engineers, existing customers, and hobbyists, care about these new products, marketing to them isn’t enough to keep a business afloat. PR services for tech companies recommend one effective strategy to make these innovations improve your business performance.


Brand Storytelling in the Tech Industry

The tech industry’s products and services are highly technical, making it difficult to garner public interest. Topics such as scalability, extensibility, and bug fixes are difficult to comprehend, especially when the audience doesn’t have a technical background.

This is where brand storytelling comes in.

Brand storytelling allows tech companies to market themselves to a broad audience and widen their visibility, eventually leading to increased revenue. Through storytelling techniques, they can present products and services in a casual yet informative way. Without the jargon and the inaccessibility of tech concepts, any individual can understand the products and services better.

The Advantages of Good Storytelling

When you develop a PR and marketing campaign for your tech company, one of your goals is to build a relationship with your audience. Achieving this entails a communication strategy based on your company’s mission, vision, and brand values.

Good storytelling can tie your company’s history with its new products and services. It can build credibility, generate interest, and create relationships. Below are the main advantages of storytelling for your tech promotion.

Build relationships

Storytelling allows you to get personal. With this marketing strategy, you can present your new product or service as a solution to an existing problem. You can list down the specific issues people experience to indicate how your technology or product addresses these issues. You may make something technical more personal with storytelling, creating opportunities to build relationships with your audience.

Create moments

Storytelling can be presented in moments that aim to catch people’s attention. These moments allow you to focus on a specific feature of your new product or service. You can go from general to specific, providing in-depth information without taking the audience out of the story. When done correctly, these moments allow the audience to identify areas in their lives where the product or service can be beneficial.

Provide understandable information

Storytelling, at its core, is supposed to provide the audience with new information. This is seldom easy in the tech industry, where information is too technical for the regular person. By explaining a technical subject in an accessible and meaningful way, your company can effectively market its product or service. It also leaves your audience with the right information that will help them make better-informed decisions.

In today’s highly competitive tech landscape, building relationships with your audience is the key to success. Using storytelling to do so allows you to create an emotional connection between your company and its customers and prospects. Work with the professionals to craft the right communication strategy for your PR and marketing campaign.

ReBlonde Public Relations provides PR and marketing solutions that help tech companies like yours reach your audience. Talk to us to find out which services will help you tell your story clearer and reach your target market better.



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