How Millennials and Gen Z Continue to Dominate Crypto PR

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A young lady covering her eyes with 2 coins of Bitcoin

Generation Z, or the digital natives, barely remember a time without smartphones and laptops. Millennials probably remember their first flip phone or Sidekick—the original “cool kid” phone. These generations grew up with overwhelming amounts of information at their disposal. These are the Reddit trailblazers, the Twitter fiends, and TikTok influencers. Most have Facebook, but a majority are not active on the “old people” social media site. So it’s no surprise that they are also in the majority of those involved in cryptocurrency and blockchain. The “tech” generations are always up with the trends and crypto is the latest.

So how does a crypto or blockchain startup turn its token into one of the hottest investments on the market? It leverages crypto PR, and the smart startups don’t go it alone.

How Crypto PR Helped Bitcoin Gain Popularity

Everyone remembers when Elon Musk jumped on the crypto bandwagon. And in March, Tesla announced it will begin accepting Bitcoin as payment. This newfound notoriety helped Bitcoin jump up thousands of dollars in value. Currently, it’s hovering steady over $50,000 since Musk’s announcement. Now, everyone is trying to learn how to invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum, just to name a few. NFTs (non-fungible tokens), too, are blowing up, generating additional hype around the crypto industry in general.

So why are millennials and Gen Z more susceptible to investing in crypto? It all goes back to being digital natives and knowing how to find out more information and where to find that information.

Knowing how to position blockchains and tokens by using crypto PR is also extremely important for these companies. Musk was essentially free press for Bitcoin, and by extension the crypto space. The same thing is happening with NFTs. Mark Cuban has been fluffing his NFT purchases and the different NBA highlight purchases.

As Bitcoin and Ethereum become household names, other alt-coins are using this momentum to showcase their tokens. Crypto PR firms are at the forefront of this media storm. They are finding different ways to ride the new wave that Musk and Bitcoin started.

Crypto PR Firms Are Targeting The Younger Generations

As the craze continues, Crypto PR firms need to be proactive with their targets. A Discover survey shows that Millennials and Gen Zers are more concerned about living paycheck to paycheck and are looking to save money. The survey shows that 81 percent of millennials are saving money in some capacity. In 2020, the S&P 500 increased by more than 30 percent, making stock investing an important strategy to build wealth.

Now, with the crypto market being what it is, there are many from the younger generation putting their money into DeFi instead of just investing in the stock market. They are diversifying their portfolios in a very different way, with crypto and fiat currencies.



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