How to Use Social Media in Life Sciences PR

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Social media platforms have become valuable channels for PR and marketing. Companies and industries use social media to spread the message, whether to build their brand or promote a product/service.

Healthcare is known for its slow adoption of tech-driven developments, such as social media marketing. Unfortunately, failing to see social media’s value can lead to missed business opportunities for you. Understand why these new marketing channels are changing life sciences PR services today and how you can benefit from them.

Social Media as a Marketing Tool

The unprecedented growth of social media in recent years has changed how people communicate with each other. Before long, businesses began using these platforms for their marketing operations for the following reasons:

  • Social media allows companies to strengthen brand perception and increase brand awareness.
  • Social media helps them promote new products and services directly to the people who are likely to buy them.
  • Social media empowers them to engage their audience in a casual manner, improving their ability to build meaningful relationships with customers.

However, utilizing social media platforms for your business takes skill. With almost everyone online, you have to make your presence on these platforms unique to your brand. Otherwise, you will only be a face in the crowd, so to speak, in the digital landscape.

Social Media in Life Sciences Marketing

Developing a social media marketing campaign for your biotech company begins with understanding your industry and knowing your audience. There are several social media platforms available to you, but it doesn’t mean you have to be present on every single one.

Choose a Platform

Marketing experts advise companies to choose LinkedIn and Twitter when developing their social media marketing strategies. These platforms give you better access to your target audience.

  • LinkedIn is ideal if you are looking for investors or expanding your network.  LinkedIn also provides you with a venue on which to research products and services.
  • Twitter is ideal if you are looking to improve consumer engagement. The platform allows you to follow discussions about relevant topics in your field.

Although some companies in the life sciences field use Facebook, it is primarily to advertise new products and services.

Develop a Content Strategy

Content is king in PR and marketing. The content strategy you develop for your social media marketing campaign will determine how well your audience will perceive you.

  • Determine how your content can help you reach your goals.
  • Highlight your unique selling proposition through your posts.
  • Plan out your posts to monitor your progress on these platforms.

Consider the content on your social media pages as a simpler version of what you publish on your website and industry publications. Make it accessible so it can easily catch your audience’s attention.

Consult with a Professional

Social media marketing is fairly new, especially for companies in the life sciences field. You may have the option to do everything in-house but hiring life sciences-focused PR services allows you to launch a social media campaign specifically designed for this industry and audience.

Promoting your brand, product, or service won’t feel like an upward climb if you have PR professionals working with you. ReBlonde Public Relations specializes in healthcare PR and marketing. Let us help you get your company the attention it deserves on the right social media platforms.

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