Optimizing Technology Public Relations During COVID-19

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Recently, we’ve seen an increase in companies using new technology to enable business productivity. More and more, people are turning to technology to help them meet deadlines and keep communication between consumers, advertisers, and others open. With this rise, PR firms can use this to improve their technology public relations pitches and capitalize on the innovation, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Most companies have switched to a hybrid or work-from-home model, and the new technology is helping them stay connected with coworkers and family alike.

SMEs Often Need The Most Help With Technology Public Relations

SMEs have been hit the hardest by COVID-19, yet they also have proven the most resilient according to an OECD report. The report shows that within the business sector, 50 percent of these organizations can only survive shutting their doors for upto 15 days. Thirty-three percent of SMEs are already investing in additional digital technology to improve their sales, while 36 percent have plans to invest in new solutions to help employees work more efficiently, or remotely. By optimizing technology to help with the workload, these companies are able to adapt to different working conditions faster, alleviating concern about layoffs, or closing their doors altogether.

Some businesses have flourished during the pandemic: 6 percent of businesses saw average revenue increase by 40 percent, while another 31 percent stated that COVID-19 has not impacted their business at all, according to the National Business Survey for 2020/2021. However, the other 63 percent said the pandemic negatively affected their business while many saw an average loss of 31 percent revenue. Government support was also shown to be extremely beneficial when helping companies deal with the pandemic. The survey highlighted that cost support and cash flow management are incredibly important when helping offset pandemic woes.

Zoom's Revenue 2020
Zoom’s Revenue – 2020

Adapting Technology Public Relations Practices to Help SME’s 

Now, public relations firms need to adapt to the changing times, especially when working within the technology public relations realm. Throughout this time period, we have seen huge technological advancements being made in healthcare, cloud technology, crypto, and other hi-tech realms. In fact, tech is one of the industries dealt the softest blow by the pandemic. PR firms need to capitalize on this momentum, because tech is only marching forward. When creativity and innovation are at the forefront of a company image, it is much easier to come up with exciting news hooks to pitch to the media. The more pitches and stories, the better for brand recognition.

Having this idea of brand recognition should be central, especially within the sphere of the company. The more people know a name, the easier it is to appeal to investors and sell the product. Having a technology public relations firm that specializes in this sphere is necessary for this type of coverage. PR is all about the long game and sending the right message to the right publication to get the right coverage. Companies need to remember there is no instant gratification in the PR world, as relationships and media opportunities take time to build.



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