3 Ways to Launch Your Startup like a Superstar

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3 Ways to Launch Your Startup like a Superstar

You might be asking yourself: How can my startup go from rookie to rock star in the business field? Aside from having a fresh business idea, you’ll need a team of people to build awareness for your brand and manage external communications — this is where our team at Reblonde Public Relations comes in.

The Strength Behind the Brand

You’ll need a team of people to support your goals and help you build your brand in the surest way possible. That said, hiring a PR agency for startups is a smart move for any startup tech.
The reason for using the services of a PR agency is simple: you need experts to take care of the “people” side of your business, too. It’s not enough to utilize a social media platform to make your brand known; you’ll need people who have a knack for creative communication and are well-versed at coming up with solutions that are unique to your business.

What a PR Team Can Do for You

Having a PR team take care of your campaigns reduces your mental load more than you might realize. It allows you to direct your time and energy towards improving your products and services, so you can oversee the growth of your company. Moreover, a dedicated PR team will handle media engagements, social media communications, and your brand’s image for you.

Hire a PR agency for startups to reduce mental load
Hire a PR agency for startups to reduce mental load

New Tools of the Trade

Today’s PR strategies employ creative communication techniques that have a more personal touch — but how can you contribute in your own way to make your business stand out in the market?

Share Milestones

You’d be surprised how effective this is. Milestones are instances of company success that you share with your audience. It can be as simple as releasing updates or curating a look-back on the year that was list. It makes your audience seem like they are participating in the milestone together with your brand, thus making your company more relatable.
Milestones can also be smaller victories within your team and the people you’re working with. Sharing these team-level milestones is a way for your audience to get a glimpse of who you are behind the business name.

Celebrate Online

Success stories and new partnerships are among the things that you can celebrate online. We all love stories about success and people partnering together to achieve a common goal. These stories are inspiring and restore our faith in teamwork and working together to reach a shared goal. It creates a feel-good moment for your audience.
Capital raises aren’t just a funding venture for startups like you, it’s also an opportunity for you to establish your brand’s creativity and showcase your ability as a company, to create products and services designed to make people’s lives better. It’s all about making your audience choose and pick you in a sea of brands.

Develop Global Appeal

If you’re planning to penetrate the global market, you’ll need to arm your business with the right tools so it can effectively communicate its message to your audience. This is where your PR team comes in. They’ll establish your brand’s global relevance in the industry and help you reach your global target market.

Give Your Audience Something to Talk About

Working alongside a good pr agency is a strategic step to build awareness for your brand, help you communicate with your audience, and build authentic connections that will generate publicity for your brand. Let us know what your business goals are, and we’ll help you get there the best way you can. Give us a call at + 972 3 9037384 or book a free consultation today.



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