The Case for Tech PR Companies, in 4 Stats

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The Case for Tech PR Companies, in 4 Stats

In the exciting and dynamic world of startup movers and shakers, everyone is a rockstar with a larger-than-life story to tell and technologies that will change the world forever. But for this story to be heard, preferably by the relevant audience and in the right way without getting lost in the buzz, your company needs to build up and execute a solid public relations (PR) strategy. Tech PR companies can make sure your communications are always on point. Here are four stats that may convince you to get one onboard.

Your Customers Want Your Thoughts And Ideas

According to a survey by the Demand Gen Report, more than half of business-to-business buyers research the content posted by the target company to inform their final purchase decision. Furthermore, the poll found that over 90 percent of buyers are interested in seeing more publications from thought leaders in their sectors. Having your content in the spotlight can help you bring in more customers, and tech PR companies, with their vast experience in communications and outreach, can help you expand your media presence.

Tech PR companies can help you expand your media presence
Tech PR companies can help you expand your media presence

Your Values And Takes Matter – Tech PR Companies Can Help Get Them Through

We live in a world where customers want more than a product that fits them in purely pragmatic and practical terms—they want a product made by a company that speaks to their core identity and shares their values. According to a poll by 5WPR, about 83 percent of millenials want companies that espouse similar views as they do, and 76 percent want company leaders to voice their positions on matters that they are passionate about. Thus, communicating your values and stances clearly while keeping your finger on the pulse of public debates is of paramount importance. With a good PR team always watching your back, you will easily ace both.

Savvy And Vision Is What Your Investors Put Money In – Showcase Them

The people who mull putting money into your startup want to know who they work with. They want to see what routes your train of thought follows and understand the ideas and vision that they will be investing in. According to an Edelman and LinkedIn study, 88 percent of decision-makers say that thought leadership content can bolster their perception of a business. Quality expert output can help your business grow, and tech PR companies can help you get to the level of quality that will make you stand out among rivals as a thought leader in your industry.

Build Up Your Network And Attract New Partners

The same poll also reveals another major insight—almost half of C-suite leaders and decision-makers say they handed their contact details to a company after reading thought leadership pieces. Couple this with the fact that at least half of decision-makers spend at least one hour per week reading thought leadership content, and the conclusion is simple: articles, posts, media appearances, and other occasions that showcase your ideas can help you expand your network and add new high-profile partners to your phone book. By working to grow your footprint in the media space, tech PR companies open more doors for you and enable fresh opportunities for your business.



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