Choosing the Right Crypto Influencer

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Choosing the Right Crypto Influencer

According to marketing experts, 60% of consumers are influenced by social media or blogs before purchasing. As such, influencer marketing remains one of the most powerful forms of digital marketing in nearly every sector. That includes cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Influencers add a level of trust and relevance to disruptive technologies like cryptocurrency. Influencer marketing has been pushing this niche industry into the mainstream. It’s no surprise that companies in the cryptocurrency industry are turning to PR experts or hiring a crypto marketing agency to get their chance in the spotlight, like Bitcoin and Dogecoin.

How does one find the right influencer? In this article, we’ll discuss some of the factors you need to consider when choosing the right crypto influencer.

Decide Which Platform Your Campaign Will Be Using

Choosing the right social media platform isn’t as easy as it sounds. That’s because most influencers tend to specialize in one or two platforms.

Choosing a YouTube vlogger, for example, can give you mileage on the video-sharing site but may produce average results on Facebook because they don’t post content on it. It’s important first to choose the right platform that will be beneficial to your marketing campaign.

Historically, cryptocurrency is being moved by influencers on Twitter. When Elon Musk tweeted that he has spoken with North American Bitcoin miners, the value of the cryptocurrency shot up 17% within 24 hours, as reported by CNBC.

If you think Twitter suits your company’s marketing campaign, then it’s wise to consider finding established influencers on this platform. If they happen to have some level of reach on other platforms, that’s an opportunity you can take.

Consider Their Authenticity and Relevance

Influencer marketing is all about partnership. It’s important that your chosen influencer not only shares your company’s values but is relevant to your brand as well.

Being authentic is a very important factor in influencers and marketing campaigns. In a study by social content marketing platform Stackla, 86% of consumers consider authenticity important.

Choosing a food blogger to explain the technology behind cryptocurrency may not be a good fit and may raise questions about your campaign’s authenticity. Unless the food blogger also happens to be a known crypto enthusiast, you can find another influencer.

It’s always best practice to choose influencers familiar with your type of business and industry. A good way to find relevant influencers is to look at the ones already talking about your company or crypto. They may already be experts in what you offer, so chances are they’ll be a great match for you.

Check Influencer Statistics

It’s often easy to be tempted by influencers with a massive following. At the end of the day, a huge number of followers doesn’t always mean they are paying attention.

If you were given a choice, would you take a cryptocurrency podcaster with 1,500 followers on Twitter or a viral celebrity with over 50,000 followers but is unfamiliar with cryptocurrency? Some would argue that the second option is the best one, and sometimes, they could be right.

Influencer marketing can be tricky. However, marketers shouldn’t brush off influencers with a small following.

Google once partnered with influencers called The Sorry Girls to promote their Pixelbook. They chose them not because of their follower count but their engagement rate. The single sponsored Instagram post by The Sorry Girls generated more likes and comments than the other influencers in the campaign for an engagement rate of 59.4%.

Micro-influencers often have a tight-knit community with a high level of trust and engagement.

It’s best to also look past follower counts. Consider engagement rates, reach in a target group, and audience demographics in choosing your influencer.

Even in the world of cryptocurrency, influencer marketing can maximize your campaign’s reach.

The factors mentioned above will help you find the right influencer. But it’s still important for any blockchain company or crypto marketing agency to do extensive research before signing a partnership.

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