How COVID-19 Kicked Off a B2B Tech PR Renaissance

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B2B Tech PR Firms Helped Clients Dunk Over The Pandemic

For businesses to thrive in the face of adversity, maximizing workflow is a must. Cloud technology has enabled businesses across a range of industries to expedite countless aspects of their work, from basic file sharing to decision-informing analytics. Since the cloud’s inception, business-to-business (B2B) tech companies have relied on it as the mechanism underlying many of their cost-saving products and services. When businesses went remote during the COVID-19 pandemic, Cloud solutions skyrocketed as a solution for novel workflow hurdles. Not only did the Cloud help B2B tech companies stay afloat—it solidified an entirely new class of products and services. B2B tech PR agencies empowered their clients to stand out in a dense field brimming with demand.

Cloud Sharing

The B2B technology industry is all about solving problems within and between businesses. As COVID-19 drove workers away from their offices and into their pajamas, remote access to critical company files became paramount. The Cloud is an obvious solution to this dilemma.

Companies that had already moved their files to the Cloud, whether on Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or one of the many other options, enjoyed a relatively painless switch to working from home. For those that still relied on physical harddrives or cluttered mixes of on- and offline storage, the race was on to transfer massive amounts of data to the Cloud.

With a 37% boost in Cloud spending in the first quarter of 2020 alone, the escalation in demand provided a substantial boost to B2B tech companies and the tech PR agencies responsible for publicizing their goods and services. The heavy hitters, like OneDrive for Business, already have enough name recognition to attract countless clients with ease. But for smaller Cloud storage companies, media placements from B2B tech PR agencies were essential for their breakouts.

B2B tech PR agencies will continue in their roles as their clients improve their services and expand their clientele

Cloud Computing

File sharing is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the functions of the Cloud. Businesses also utilize B2B Cloud services to enhance their marketing strategies, among other things. Adobe has long provided services like marketing recommendations based on Cloud computing, but their services and those of their competitors have reached new heights in recent times.

Technavio estimates a $287 billion market size for the cloud computing market by 2025, likely boosted by B2B tech companies that have gained countless clients from pandemic-based market shifts. Assigning traditionally human roles like data collection and analysis to Cloud-based B2B services is a trend that will likely continue even when COVID-19 is old news.

B2B tech PR – Now a Permanent Part of The Equation

Even with many businesses returning to their office spaces this year, reliance on Cloud infrastructure shows no signs of slowing down. B2B tech PR agencies will continue in their roles as their clients improve their services and expand their clientele.

The Cloud, once more of a source for jokes than a legitimate business tool, has enabled countless companies to maintain their workflow despite physical isolation. Home offices around the world may wane in popularity, but Cloud integration, B2B tech companies, and their B2B tech PR agencies are here to stay.



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