Using an ‘Interconnected’ Approach to Technology PR in 2021

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Using an Interconnected Approach to Technology PR in 2021

The pandemic forced companies to survey their operations and adapt quickly to new norms brought on mostly by physical distancing and changing consumer needs. In the highly interactive field of technology PR, public relations professionals have also been forced to self-examine and regroup operations to meet new demands.

A way for PR organizations to overcome physical barriers and create an effective campaign is to lean into an interconnected strategy. The obvious application would be a top-down approach—executives setting a specific tone that would then be matched within every department. However, the true path toward a streamlined technology PR campaign is utilizing interconnectedness beyond company lines, integrating with all affiliates across the PR chain.

In-house Interconnectedness vs. Integration Across Affiliates

Creating a cohesive PR campaign starts with applying cohesion amongst your teams. Leaders must design a clear campaign message and goals to be carried out by all departments for each client. This makes it crucial for leaders to instill open communication within the organization, allowing a free flow of ideas and suggestions amongst colleagues to synchronize work and relay information that may otherwise be missed. For example, social media can make suggestions to the content department based on trending topics, which can enrich the brand’s overall messaging.

But interconnectivity goes beyond synchronized in-house teamwork. PR agencies are well-positioned to serve as a core to communicate messages across other PR affiliates. The PR chain consists of brands, agencies, writers, and consumers, and it is up to PR professionals to open a line of communication to maintain message consistency, but also to improve its own practices. For instance, it can be useful to cultivate the relationship with a brand’s marketing team in order to access untapped information. Naturally, agencies can’t have access to every aspect of a client’s business, but sustaining an open collaboration can lead to even smoother integration on campaigns.

Interconnectivity Across Platforms to Boost Technology PR

For tech companies and startups, implementing an interconnected technology PR campaign depends on aligning objectives across digital platforms. That being said, building an interconnected campaign across platforms does not necessarily mean having identical messaging, but rather implementing the same overall business goals. Take the difference between content on Facebook and TikTok—the target audience consists of completely different age groups and therefore requires different messaging, but the messaging in each must align with the company’s promotional objectives. Therefore, a key element in PR is ensuring all platforms work together within a cohesive singular plan.

The key to creating any type of interconnected organization is maintaining an open line of communication and pursuing the same goals. The same goes for PR, a field that requires constant interaction among various parties. For technology PR professionals, creating the most effective campaign depends on continuous exchange of messaging and ideas amongst a company’s team and with other PR affiliates. Cross-platform interconnectivity is also paramount to create a cohesive campaign by ensuring the messaging in each platform is directed toward a mutual outcome.



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