A Life Science Marketing Agency Won’t Take Care of Your PR

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A Life Science Marketing Agency Won’t Take Care of Your PR

Life science companies hail from a wide range of industries, from med-tech and biotech to agriculture and pharmaceutical companies. No matter how groundbreaking their solutions are, having an innovative product is not enough to succeed. Since startups rely on funding to grow, they allocate considerable chunks of their strained budgets to marketing two key points to potential investors: the company is successful and its product has a market.

A life science marketing agency specializes in marketing directed at relevant audiences in the industry, such as investors, prospective customers, or potential business partners. Therefore, the content it will prepare for the company, whether it’s blog posts, whitepapers, or social media ads, will often be jargony and hard to understand for non-professionals. However, it’s just as important for a startup’s message to reach a wide audience, which can be achieved with PR.

Why a Life Science Marketing Agency is Not Enough to Guarantee Success

A life science marketing agency might know how to create a good ad, but when you want to announce a new partnership or a scientific breakthrough, you will need a well-written press release and the means for it to spread like wildfire. A marketing agency has the tools to measure a successful outreach, but they can’t make the outreach happen. For this, you need a PR firm that knows how to write an effective press release and, just as importantly, knows how to obtain coverage from major publications.

If you’re the CEO of a startup that provides personalized diabetes management, you’re probably an expert in personalized nutrition and diabetes prevention. While the general public may find these topics interesting, they might not be sold on your product or service that aims to help diabetic patients. Thought leadership pieces are the perfect way to showcase your industry expertise and get wider exposure. While such pieces are not meant to directly promote your product or services, they work to boost your own and your company’s image as leaders in the field. An experienced PR firm will not only guide you through the process but will also ensure your thought leadership piece gets published where everyone will see it.

A Life Science Marketing Agency And a PR Firm Should Work Together For The Best Results

A life science marketing agency has the tools to know how many people clicked on an ad or how much time they spent on a company’s site. While this is important, it’s not what a tech startup needs to make waves. A young startup needs people outside of the scientific niche to know about the company and tell their friends about it. The best way to reach widespread yet focused recognition is with the help of an experienced PR firm.

A skilled PR firm has the right connections with science journalists and publications to maintain meaningful discussions about your company and its mission. No matter how good your blog post is, it doesn’t matter if the only people reading it are in your LinkedIn network. PR firms build long-lasting relationships with journalists and know which ones of them to pitch for a relevant story. A life science marketing agency is beneficial for analyzing results and promoting a company within its industry, but PR firms, equipped with long-lasting relationships with journalists and industry knowledge, can reach a massive audience. In order to make your company a household name, you’ll need a reliable PR firm.

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