Good Life Sciences PR is a Must For Innovators

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Good Life Sciences PR is a Must For Innovators

While the term “public relations” was only popularized in the 1900s, good publicity has long played a vital role in the long-term success of any organization. No industry is exempt from the benefits of a solid PR campaign, least of all the field of life sciences. An experienced life sciences PR agency can be a game changer for your company involved in the industry.

Telling Your Story

The main advantage of having a team of skilled PR professionals at your disposal is their ability to take your vision, distill it to the essentials, and convey it to your desired audience. As a life science organization, this is particularly important.

Industry-specific jargon is a double-edged sword. While it can be helpful for demonstrating expertise to a niche audience, it can also turn off large swathes of the general public that are unfamiliar with the complex terminology commonly used in fields such as life sciences. A seasoned life sciences PR agency can deliver you the best of both worlds, portraying your company’s deep industry knowledge in a way that is digestible and enjoyable to read for the general public.

The Johnson & Johnson story is a prime example of high-quality life sciences PR

Take Johnson & Johnson, for example. The massive life science corporation develops countless medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and other household items, with its offering seemingly stretching across dozens of market segments. Their range of products may be unimaginably large, but their story is clear and concise.

As stated on their website, the company’s mission is “to improve access and affordability, create healthier communities, and put a healthy mind, body and environment within reach of everyone, everywhere.

Their PR messaging, evidenced by recent press releases, blends compassion and competence. After questionable side effects of their COVID-19 vaccine prompted a freeze on production, their PR strategy became central to restoring public trust. Through timely press releases and other crisis communications tools, Johnson & Johnson was able to restore enough trust to continue their vaccine production alongside Pfizer and Moderna.

The Johnson & Johnson story is a prime example of high-quality life sciences PR. Despite a few bumps in the road, the company has maintained a public image of genuine concern for humanity. Without such PR efforts, they may be perceived as just another mega corporation with the sole purpose of lining their pockets.

Positioning You As An Industry Leader

It’s a proven rhetorical concept—credibility is the key to persuasion. Moreover, a critical aspect of life sciences PR is proving to the public that your company’s leaders have a deep understanding of their field. Agencies commonly do this in article form, working with clients to craft engaging stories that deliver fresh takes on pressing matters in the industry and pose questions that are worth answering.

Podcasts and video interviews provide the same benefits. With helpful connections and some prep from the agency, your company can use these mediums to burst into the discussion and emerge as forerunners of the field, whereas companies that fail to employ these PR tactics will be left in the dust.

Life Sciences PR Gets The Word Out

Zebra Medical Vision - another good example of Life Sciences PRAny comprehensive PR campaign will involve intensive media targeting designed to publicize the client’s name and mission across a range of relevant outlets. After all, what better way to spread the word about your company’s scientific breakthrough or medical advancement than with a featured article in Tech Times?

Agencies also craft press releases and know exactly where they need to go. And if your company stumbles into a publicity crisis, your PR agency will be there to stop the damages and maintain your reputation in the public eye. Establishing a positive image is a necessity, and nobody does it better than ReBlonde. Contact us today to see how you can stand out in your field!



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