ICO Public Relations Service in The Next Stage of Crypto

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ICO Public Relations Service in The Next Stage of Crypto

More often than not, Startups on the blockchain use ICOs, or initial coin offerings, in order to raise the funds they need for development and expansion—even if they don’t call them that anymore. For very small crypto startups, ICOs serve as a useful form of crowd-generated fundraising, unlike IPOs, which are limited to companies going public. During the ICO booms, however, many companies took advantage of the decentralized vision of ICOs and as a result, ICOs began garnering a bad reputation. As we head into a new and more mature stage of the crypto journey, it’s becoming increasingly clear that investors retain confidence in ICOs, but only as long as they have as much information as possible. A reliable ICO public relations service will showcase crypto companies that deserve recognition and make sure that they stand out among the rest.


The Importance of a Clear Whitepaper

The whitepaper is a technical document that gives a detailed overview about the entire project. It’s important for blockchain startups to create a whitepaper that clearly maps out the vision of their project—marketing analysis, how much money is needed, how many tokens the company will keep, information about the team, and so on. If ICOs are similar to crowdfunding campaigns, the whitepaper serves as the description of the project that investors will read in order to determine whether to invest or not. Therefore, it is critical that the whitepaper be as transparent as possible with all the relevant information provided. While whitepapers are closely analyzed, not everyone reads the complete whitepaper. A high-quality ICO public relations service takes the relevant information from the whitepaper and makes sure that it reaches the target audience in an efficient manner.

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Highlight The Team Behind The Project

When people hear about a new company offering an ICO, the first thing they want to know is the team behind the project. Investors will be quick to look up the company on Linkedin, Crunchbase, and of course Google. You never get a second chance to make a first impression so it’s important to be ready with the right content to showcase the company’s achievements in the best light. One of the best ways to make a solid impression is through publications in the media. The right ICO publications service not only has expertise in crypto, but it also recognises key players in the industry and makes sure to get all the right information across.


Join The ICO Community

Most crypto members can be found on reddit and it’s worth checking out the subreddits dedicated to ICOsAs many blockchain enthusiasts know, crypto isn’t just a currency – it’s also a community. While it has steadily matured, the ecosystem remains relatively small. As every ICO publication relations service knows, it’s important to make the right connections in order to establish yourself, especially now with more suspicion revolving around illegitimate ICOs. Most crypto members can be found on reddit and it’s worth checking out the subreddits dedicated to ICOs, for example /r/icocrypto, which highlights active and upcoming ICOs, /r/ico, and /r/ICOanalysis. A good tip is to search for your company and ICO in order to see what people are saying about it – don’t be shy and take part in the conversation. Of course, Linkedin is critical for professional networking and Twitter is the place to be for more casual communication.


Find The Right ICO Public Relations Service For Your Needs

When launching an ICO, it’s vital to have the right PR company by your side through every step of the campaign. ReBlonde is a leading crypto PR company and offers impeccable ICO public relations service. Get in touch with us today!



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