Q2 Client Coverage Highlights

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A black and yellow graphic introducing ReBlonde's quarterly client coverage roundup

From World Mobile announcing its plan to connect the unconnected, to Sternum announcing a new cyber patent, Q2 was a great quarter for ReBlonde clients. 



After securing a new patent from the U.S., Sternum started off Q2 strong with mentions in TechCrunch, Authority Magazine, and even Yahoo!Style. To look at the cyber companies’ news hits, click here:

TechCrunch (Japan!), Yahoo!Australia, CyberWire (Twice!), Hardware Info, Computer Sweden, Tech for Good, Tekdeeps, Yahoo!Style, Paper News Network, Newstral, Becker Hospital Review, Daily Advent, Fierce Biotech, Raps, Tadvisor, Con Salud, Zet Business, Idea Hunter, The Register Citizen, News Times, News Colony, PYMNT’s, Medtech Insights, Authority Magazine, Thrive Global, TechStartUp


World Mobile

World Mobile also had extensive coverage throughout the last quarter, especially in June. The blockchain company was mentioned in major business news publications. To check them out, look here:

CoinMarketCap (Twice!), Business Insider, Mashable, CityAM, Hebergementwebs, Man Man, 0xzx, NewsBTC, Gewoonvoorhem, Zephyr Technology Ventures, The Crypto Basic, Heralds Sheets, Bitcoin KE, NewsChastin, Fintech News, The Daily Buzz, BanklessTimes (Twice!), OTCPM24, Geeky.news, IG Stockmarket, Faucet Friend, Crypto Telegraph, Crypto Renegade, Crypto News IA, Crypto Mainframe, Crypto Alpha News, Asia Token Fund News, ThaiFRX, Fintechs.fi, Fintech Insight, BitRSS, Portal Cripto, Voi.id, Unlock BC, SuperCrypto News



From Cointelegraph to Coin Market Cap, Ovex had substantial coverage in Q2. To read more about South Africa’s biggest OTC desk, check out these articles:

Coin Market Cap, Forklog, Fintech Futures, FINSMES, Holland Fintimes, Start Up Around, Coingogo, Blockchain Today, Crypto Lurk, Fintech Inshorts, Inside, Bankless Times, Traders Zone, News Chastin, Cointelegraph (Twice! Three Times!), Crypto Renegade, Bitcoin Insider, Coins Time, FN News 24, EZ Anime.net, E Stop Saber, Technical Ripon



Spotify made headlines consistently throughout the second quarter of 2021. With mentions in Haaretz, Walla, and Ynet—not to mention television appearances—Spotify had great coverage. To read more about the international music and podcast streaming platform look here:

Mako (Twice! Three Times!), Ynet (Twice! Three Times! Four Times! Five Times!), Walla (Twice!) (Three Times! Four Times! Five Times!), Israel Hayom (Twice! Three Times! Four Times! Five Times! Six Times! Seven Times! Print!), Haaretz (Twice!), Maariv (Twice!), Globes (Twice! Three times! Four times! Five Times!), Calcalist (Twice! Three Times! Four Times! Five Times! Six Times! Seven Times! Eight Times! Nine Times!), Sport Channel (Twice!), The Marker (Twice! Three Times! Four Times! Five Times! Six Times! Print!), N12 (Twice! Three Times!), Bizportal, Ice (Twice! Three Times! Four Times! Five Times! Six! Seven! Eight! Nine! Ten Times!), Investing, Sport 1 (Twice! Three Times!), Geektime (Twice! Three Times! Four Times!), Gadgety (Twice! Three Times! Four Times! Five Times! Six Times! Seven Times!), Channel 20 (Twice!), TGSpot (Twice! Three Times! Four Times! Five Times! Six Times! Seven Times! Eight Times! Nine! Ten! Eleven Times!), PC, Sport 5, G-Rafa (Twice!), Makor Rishon (Twice!) Hightech Glitz (Twice!), Spot It



Fully recyclable flexible packaging helped Polysack gain great media traction this last quarter. Polysack was found all over packaging, plastic, and labeling publications for their partnership with HP and innovative packaging design. Check out the latest coverage here:

Labels and Labeling (Twice!), Ink World Magazine, Label and Narrow Web (Twice!), What They Think (Twice!), Label Pack, Flexible Packaging, Print Innovation Asia, Converter Online, Yahoo Finance, NS Packaging, Nasdaq, Plastics Today, Packaging Digest, Plastics Recycling Update, PrintPack MEA, Printing News, Plasticonews.org, Flexpackmag.org, PPFC



GazeTV announced the launch of its video streaming service powered by the blockchain and made top tier headlines! Check out its mentions in Cointelegraph, Investing.com, and an OpEd in Nasdaq here:

Investing.com (Spanish!), Nasdaq, Cointelegraph (Spanish!), Marseille News, The Traders Wire, Namex, Coinstime.com, News Colony, OTCPM24, Crypto Post, Bitcoin Insider, Insurgente Press, Blockchain 24, IQ stock Market, FXNews24, Etop Saber



DeepOptics saw a lot of top tier mentions, as it came out of stealth mode at the end of Q2. They had mentions in Yahoo, Ynet, Reuters and the Jerusalem Post to name a few. Check out the company’s new take on sunglasses here:

Yahoo! News, MSN, Ynet, Reuters, Jerusalem Post, Watson, LatestLY, World Israel News, VOA Indonesia, Israel21c, Grit Daily, Gadget.co.za, Breaking News, VisionMonday, AJN, Israel Actual, Yediot Aharonot (Print!)


Winding Tree

Winding Tree was found in business, tech, and financial publications worldwide. To learn more about the company’s new take on travel, check out these articles:

Investing.com, CoinQuora, TechBullion, Crypto Ninjas, CyberWire, Up News Info, ETF Alerts, IQ Stock Market, Crypto Reporter, Coss, Latest Crypto News, Crypto Press, Bankless Times, D-Core, Hackernoon, TechRound UK, Investing.com, Opera News, CoinQuora, AiThority, BlockTribune



Featured not once, but five times on Cointelegraph, Banxa was all over top tier business publications. To learn more about the Australian, publicly traded company check out these mentions:

Crowdfund Insider, Investorideas.com, Bankless Times, Nasdaq, Investing.com (Brazil!), Hackernoon, Coinquora, TechBullion, Cointelegraph (Two Times! Three Times! Four Times! Five Times!), FX Street, Criptomonedas


Texas Medical Technology

Texas Medical Technology had hits in all different publications from i24 France to Fox 26 Houston. The medical company had a great second quarter. To read more about the company, click here:

RFID JournalHIT Consultant, RFID World, Times of Israel, Gulf News, Cursorinfo, i24 FR, Fox 26 Houston, The RV Article, Actualite Israel, San Diego Jewish World, Israel Valley



Spielworks also had valuable mentions in Q2 ranging from Hackernoon to CoinQuora. Check out more about the crypto company here:

Hackernoon (Twice!), ReadWrite, Grit Daily, Crypto Current Podcast, Tech & Future, CryptoGazette, Zephyr net, Investing.com, Opera News, CoinQuora, Coin Journal, Coin24 FR, Plato Blockchain, Today Headline, Startup.info



Coverage in Hebrew and English during Q2 for Sunbit! From Globes, The Marker, and Geektime, Sunbit had a great second quarter. Check out the featured stories here:

Globes (Twice!), Calcalist (Twice!), The Marker (Twice! Print Twice!), Ice, Geektime (Twice!), CTech, Globes English, PC, NoCamels, Israel Defense



HUP.LIFE saw features all over the crypto sphere and tech publications worldwide. Check out the latest stories from Q2 here:

TechCrunch, Newsbreak, 0xzx.com, Crowdfundinsider, AIthority, Niftyx, Global Fintech Series, Nftnewstoday, Crypto Gazette, Crypto Reporter



Mako, Walla, Israel Hayom, and N12 are just some of the major Israeli publications that mentioned Storytel in the second quarter! Take a look at the features here:

Mako, Walla, Israel Hayom (Twice Print!), The Marker (Twice Print!), Haaretz, N12 (Twice!), Geektime, Gadgety, Poenta, Glz (Print!), KAN 11, Channel 7, Maariv, G-Rafa



Geektime loves Next47 with four mentions in the second quarter. Check out the latest from Next47:

Geektime (Twice! Three Times! Four Times!), Calcalist (Twice!), Globes (Twice!), The Marker (Twice!), Ctech (Twice!)



Lanceria had some big wins in the second quarter of 2021 with a guest post on Nasdaq and mentions on top tier financial publications. Check out the coverage here:

NASDAQ, Investing.com, CoinQuora, STARTUP.INFO, TechRound UK, Latest Crypto, Crypto Reporter, Crypto Gazette



Huge win for Humanz in the second quarter! The company was featured in GQ! Check out the article here:

 GQ, Grit Daily, TechRound UK, The Media Online, NASDAQ, Times of Israel, Startup Info, Tech Talks Daily



With a guest post in Forbes and an interview in TechRound UK, TrustToken had huge hits in Q2. To read the latest, click here:

Forbes Advisor, Techround, Business2Community, AIthority, IBSintelligence, Bankless Times, Investing.com, CoinQuora


High Hopes

High Hopes had two big top tier hits with Yahoo Finance. Check out the mentions here:

Yahoo Finance CA, Yahoo Finance, Engadget, Fast Company, The Latest News, Fuentitech, Now Tech Blog, The News Pig, An And Market India, Teknodate



Road2 had great coverage in the second quarter of 2021. Check out the features here:

Calcalist, The Marker (Print!), CTech (Twice!), Kolbo Haifa, Times of Israel (Twice!), Maariv (Print!)



Cybint was all over the cybersphere in Q2. Check out the coverage here:

CyberWire, Zet Business, Idea Hunter, The Register Citizen, News Times, News Colony, La Razon, SiliconCanal



Nostromo, with its new cooling technology, was on fire in quarter two. Check out the posts here:

Globes (English! Three Times!), Ice, Jerusalem Post, FinSMES, Renewables Now, Cooling Post



WalkOut saw some great coverage in Q2. Check out the latest here:

The Spoon (Twice!), Perishable News, Retail Times, Commercial Integrator, Grocery Dive, The Hustle



Two podcast interviews and a guest post in Nasdaq helped round out Q2 for Filmio. Take a look at the coverage here:

Film Daily, Nasdaq, ParlayMe Podcast (Twice!), TechRound UK, Film Inquiry


Zebra Medical Vision

Zebra Medical Vision had multiple hits throughout Israeli media. Check out the latest mentions here:

Calcalist, Maariv, The Marker (Twice! Three Times! Print!)



Everest saw great financial coverage in Q2, including a guest post in Nasdaq. Check out the coverage here:

 Newsbreak, Aithority, IBS Intelligence, Bankless Times, Nasdaq



Acronis saw hits throughout Israeli media, including Ynet! Check out the latest articles here:

Ynet, Bizportal, Ice, Gadgety, PC (Twice!), Tech-IL, Spot It



Realio was featured in The Paypers, Investing.com, and CoinQuore. Check out the articles here:

The Paypers, Investing.com, CoinQuora


Invictus Capital

Invictus Capital also had two big hits on Crypto News. Check out the rest of the coverage here:

Investing.com, Crypto News (Twice!), Nasdaq



Couchbase saw hits in Times of Israel and Maariv in Q2. Check it out here:

Times of Israel, Maariv



Aniview had a guest post on Geektime and a feature in Startup.info. To read more, click here:

Geektime, Startup.info



Airobotics had hits in Globes and The Marker. Read about the company here:

Globes, The Marker



GlobalDots had some exciting hits in Ice and Israel Hayom in Q2. Check out the articles here:

Ice, Israel Hayom (Print!)



ENvizion had a hit in Globes and Nasdaq. Check out both articles here:

Nasdaq, Globes



GK8 had two big hits in the second quarter. Read the articles here:

 Israel21c, CTech



VAIOT had a big hit with Cointelegraph in Q2. Check out the article here:




TestFRWD saw a hit in Austria. Check it out here:

Salzburger Nachrichten


ReBlonde’s Yom Kef (Fun Day) in Petach Tikvah at Ruben’s. The team had a great day playing laser tag and bonding over burgers and schnitzel.





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