Axie Infinity: Pioneering Play-to-Earn Crypto Marketing?

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Axie Infinity Pioneering Play-to-Earn Crypto Marketing

Remember when your mom used to say you won’t earn any money by sitting on the couch and playing video games all day? Well, it turns out your mom was wrong. In fact, people from all over the world are making real money playing NFT games.

In one rural Filipino village, residents who became unemployed during the pandemic were able to earn a living playing Axie Infinity. The cartoon-style PC and mobile game enables users to earn virtual currency that can then be converted into real money. But Axie Infinity’s popularity goes far beyond just one village in the Philippines, reaching both western and eastern players from all over the world. According to Token Terminal, the game has earned $323 million in revenue over the past 30 days, almost triple the amount Ethereum gained. So how has Axie Infinity gained such massive popularity?

The Rise of Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity’s rapid ascent can mainly be attributed to the game’s ability to target those unfamiliar with blockchain technology. To employ this crypto marketing strategy, Axie Infinity improved the game’s accessibility by moving the game from the Ethereum mainnet to an Ethereum-linked side-chain called “Ronan.” The new sidechain has vastly simplified the onboarding process for new players, which allowed many blockchain-inexperienced players to test out the game.

The strategy behind Axie Infinity's crypto marketing

Axie Infinity’s play-to-earn model has surprisingly attracted players from more economically disadvantaged areas of the world. In some countries, the blockchain game has allowed players to earn more than the average local salary. This triggered a popularity boom in countries such as the Philippines and Venezuela, which make up almost half of Axie Infinity’s players.

However, as the game’s popularity and in-game earnings continue to increase, so does the threshold barrier to buy “Axies” necessary to play. Therefore, Axie Infinity created scholarship programs in order to enable players with less financial resources to continue playing. In this system, the manager “sponsors” players, and the earnings of the player are then split by the manager and player. This shift in the company’s crypto marketing strategy, has enabled Axie Infinity to continuously grow its player base despite the rise in Axie prices.

Play-to-Earn: The New Crypto Marketing Trend?

Axie Infinity and other popular crypto games, such as Cryptokitties and The Sandbox, are transforming the crypto market. The apps have opened the door to other creators attempting to replicate the company’s crypto marketing success by turning gaming into cash, bringing in crypto newbies. The unique advantages of blockchain breeds the perfect platform to invent new assets with ease, so Axie Infinity will have plenty of crypto game competitors in the near future.

As crypto games skyrocket in popularity, the question is if they will burn out quickly like some other crypto trends. However, most experts agree that they are here to stay. In Axie Infinity’s case, it appears the game’s success in marketing to mass audiences is the key to its longevity.

In order to create longevity for your crypto company, investing in a robust crypto marketing campaign is crucial. Working alongside a professional crypto PR agency is an important step in bringing awareness for your brand. Let us know what your business goals are, and we’ll help you get there the best way you can. Give us a call at +972-3-9037384 or book a free consultation today.



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