How Crypto Startups Can Benefit from Public Relations

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How Crypto Startups Can Benefit from Public Relations

According to research firm Report Linker, cryptocurrency’s market size is expected to rise from $1.6 billion in 2021 to over $2.2 billion by 2026 . As the world gradually embraces blockchain technology and more people invest in cryptocurrency, the future seems bright for many crypto startups. Unfortunately, many promising startups are still in need of being heard and discovered. Crypto marketing and public relations now play a critical role in helping cryptocurrency and blockchain companies move to the mainstream.

In this article, we’ll talk about some of the benefits PR can bring to crypto startups.

Product Education

Despite having a growing market, the concept of blockchains and cryptocurrencies is still a poorly understood field to the wider public. PR agencies are capable of crafting and executing campaigns aimed at helping target audiences familiarize themselves with emerging technology like cryptocurrency.

PR helps prospective customers and institutional investors feel more comfortable with the new technology, remove lingering skepticisms, and be more receptive to crypto-based product offerings.

Strong Brand Identity and Authority

Blockchain and cryptocurrency have a very competitive market, where anyone can potentially become a crypto-entrepreneur. Crypto startups need to set themselves apart and establish themselves as their industry’s thought leaders .

While advertising helps get your brand heard through mass communication, PR uses a far more precise approach. Through PR, you can target specific and influential personalities who would be willing to share your crypto content in their community.

Regularly crafting quality content about your field and allowing your PR teams to send them to reputable publications help build your startup’s reputation as a leading player in your industry. It also helps build brand awareness, which, in turn, could generate leads through “call-to-action” links found on your published content.

PR not only helps build strong brand authority for your company but gives you higher status in the industry.

Establishing Positive Community Relations

PR is an important part of any business’s plan to establish itself as reputable and influential in its industry. Having positive media engagement and community relations can help generate investment leads and new customers without spending more money on advertising.

Crypto marketing and PR efforts help crypto startups with social media

Through crypto marketing and PR efforts, crypto startups can fully utilize the benefits of social media. Using social media helps potential consumers and investors approach companies informally. It allows the audience to ask questions or be a lot more familiar with cryptocurrency topics and concepts.

Establishing a positive community image increases credibility, builds transparency, and encourages people to know more about your industry and company.

Crisis Management

Like in any industry, going through a PR crisis is always a possibility for crypto businesses. PR agencies can manage a crisis, whether it’s a misunderstood product or competitors are trying to spread rumors about your services.

Crisis management goes beyond releasing official press statements to minimize the damage. Crypto startups also need to have trusted connections and partnerships to save their hard-earned reputations in times of crisis.

With a trusted PR team, your startup can build crucial networks, assess risks, anticipate crisis outcomes, and reshape the public’s perception of your company.

Having effective public relations is important even in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. PR is a crucial part of any strategy that involves increasing your company’s visibility and staying relevant. More importantly, PR can help startups stand out and establish a respected and reliable public image.

ReBlonde is an award-winning PR firm that focuses on helping crypto and tech startups promote their brands and establish a respected presence in their industry. Contact us today for a free consultation on how you can take advantage of our crypto PR services.



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