The Healthcare Public Relations Agency Must Focus on the Patient

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The Healthcare Public Relations Agency Must Focus on the Patient

Is there any sector that’s come more under scrutiny and attention than healthcare? Not many. At the heart of any strong medical device or healthcare product is not the device itself, but how it benefits the real beneficiary: the patient. AI, cloud, computer vision, and all other technologies under the Sun will come and go, but patients are here forever. And that’s where a healthcare public relations agency must put its focus, even in running B2B campaigns.

The Mistake a Healthcare Public Relations Agency Often Makes

The first mistake a lot of marketers and PR personnel make is thinking about how cool a product is—starting to frame a pitch or a narrative about the uniqueness of a technology. For example, stating that an AI product is “state-of-the-art” and it’s making life easier doesn’t make the cut, nor is it really of much interest to a veteran reporter who’s seen it all.

The common problem here is a fixation on the product and the immediate solution, rather than understanding the bigger picture. What problem is this solving? Who is this truly helping? Yes, an AI solution that helps better diagnose patients helps the clinician, but what about beyond? Instead, a healthcare public relations agency should ask, “Who is the clinician helping? How does it benefit him or her?” That requires changing the understanding of who the real important audience is.

Rethinking The Audience

In general, new technology is framed in the context of the user, the person who will directly oversee it. But in the B2B world, and especially the medical community, it’s not necessarily just about the user’s experience and improving the routine or workflow. It’s about how the patient can benefit from the clinician using it. After all, the clinicians are not doing it for their own good, but for the patient’s, and they want to hear about a product that ultimately improves patient care.

Moving forward with the right audience in mind, the target becomes far clearer on how to tell the narrative of a company or product: the patient’s well-being. The idea is to frame the story in a manner that conveys the benefits plus the big picture of how it affects the patient’s care. Rather than state that a product can make a “workflow more efficient,” instead it carries far more weight to state or add that a product can “improve the workflow and enable clinicians to screen more patients.”

This can apply to almost any number of medtech or healthcare public relations agency campaigns. No matter what the technology, it always must fixate on the greater picture of how it’s helping the wider ecosystem.

The Mistake a Healthcare Public Relations Agency Often Makes

The Path to Healthcare PR Success

Building the narrative and pitching it properly takes experience and understanding healthcare PR best practices. For that, you’ll require the team at ReBlonde. With over a decade of veteran PR experience at the helm and a dedicated media and content team running your healthcare PR operation, you can find your healthcare technology narrative published in all the right places. Get your free consultation with us today to discuss your PR needs!



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