How Healthcare Start-ups Can Leverage Public Relations

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With the world slowly emerging from the pandemic, more and more venture capitalists are placing their money on areas like remote patient monitoring (RPM), behavioral health, and telehealth. By far, VCs have invested a total of $14 billion across 440 deals with US digital health companies.

For that reason, hundreds of healthcare companies are placing themselves at the forefront in hopes of being on the receiving end of this funding. As a start-up, how do you create enough buzz to be noticed by VCs? For starters, consider working with experts like a healthcare public relations agency.

To earn the trust of potential investors and consumers, a company should be able to display transparency, reliability, and a sense of authenticity in how they operate. And what better way to do that than through public relations.

Here are a few benefits you can expect with an effective PR strategy in place:

  1. Build Brand Awareness

For consumers and potential investors to be more receptive to your products and services, they need to feel connected to your brand. A great way to empathize with your target audience is by adopting a consumer-facing marketing strategy. An experienced PR agency would know to leverage social media channels like Twitter and Instagram to share content that people could relate to. Moreover, they’d be able to connect you with influential people to whom you could pitch your products and services.

  1. Communicate Effectively

As a healthcare start-up, your target audience will not only be limited to potential investors. You’d most likely want to reach potential clients, colleagues, and other healthcare professionals. Each type of audience would need a different marketing approach. You must consider what type of information would be most valuable to a particular group. For instance, a patient would benefit more from an easy-to-understand description of your services than a doctor, who would want more technical information.

  1. Crisis Management

Public relations is essential when handling a crisis, such as a competitor spreading harmful rumors about your products or services. A skilled PR team would take care of damage control and put an end to the issue before it worsens. More than that, they would strategize and find ways to prevent a repeat occurrence in the future.

PR team meeting

  1. Receive Expert Advice

Rules and regulations governing the healthcare industry tend to change all the time. Your PR agency may double as your unofficial company advisor. They’ll keep tabs on all the recent developments in the industry and offer sound advice and recommendations as needed.

Work with a Trusted Health Tech PR Agency

Helping brands build a name in the industry is at the heart of what we do at ReBlonde. We work closely with clients in customizing PR campaigns that meet their organizations’ specific goals and objectives.

Learn how we can grow your healthcare start-up’s brand. Schedule a free consultation today by reaching out to us at +972 3 9037379 or filling out our online form.



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