Public Relations: Why It’s Important for Blockchain Firms

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Cryptocurrency concept

Blockchain and cryptocurrency, though fairly new industries, have gained traction among investors. Recent studies have concluded that the crypto market is expected to rise from $1.6 billion in 2021 to $2.2 billion by 2026.

However, despite their increasing popularity, many promising blockchain and crypto startups are still met with skepticism by many. Technology public relations addresses this challenge by providing an avenue for companies to be heard, raise brand awareness, and debunk misconceptions surrounding their industry.

Here are other reasons why blockchain and crypto companies need to invest in an effective PR strategy:

Educating the Public on New Technology

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are very complex topics. There’s still a lot of ground waiting to be covered for these emerging technologies to be widely accepted by the greater public and potential investors. It doesn’t help that these industries are continuously misrepresented in the media, leaving more room for questions.

Public relations assist in this regard by helping companies familiarize their target audiences with their products and services. A skilled PR team can package a complex topic in a way that would easily be understood even by someone with zero knowledge of blockchains and cryptocurrencies.

Creating an Effective Marketing Strategy

You can’t just post or tweet about your product and hope that it reaches the right crowd. For your brand to be relevant, you need to know what makes your target audience tick. With the help of a PR team, you can identify what topics people are interested in and what platforms they often visit to access this information. They would also know how to increase your visibility to influential parties like magazine publishers, reporters, and reputable investors who can share your content and boost your status in the industry.

Establishing Authority and Credibility

In an industry where every firm claims to be the best in what they do, public relations is your key to establishing authority and cultivating credibility. PR can package your company in a good light and position you as a thought leader in your field.

More than just putting out relevant content and being an information hub, it can also help to cultivate an online community. Use social media channels like Twiiter, Facebook, and Instagram to interact with your target audience—you can answer questions, debunk myths, and even engage in friendly debates. This way, people would better understand your brand and feel more connected to your project.

Crisis Management

One of the most critical roles of public relations is evident in times of crisis, for instance, a competitor spreading baseless rumors about your brand. A capable PR team can quell the speculations before they create even more damage. Additionally, they can assess the situation and develop a strategy to prevent similar cases from happening again in the future.

PR Solutions Tailor-made for Your Company

ReBlonde has worked extensively alongside companies in different tech industries. Utilizing our knowledge and expertise, we provide a full range of services designed to help blockchain firms establish themselves, gain credibility, and stand out among competitors. Each campaign is customized to meet your brand’s unique needs.

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