Send Your Token to The Moon With ICO PR Services

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Send Your Token to The Moon With ICO PR Services

In 2021, there’s over 6,500 various cryptocurrencies out there—a dramatic upsurge from the time when only Bitcoin was making occasional rounds as this weird virtual currency for IT nerds. The cryptoverse has expanded and matured, and these nerds have gone from buying a pizza for thousands of Bitcoin to buying a Lambo for 45. While its growth is a boon for all crypto enthusiasts, new aspiring crypto movers and shakers are facing an outsized market and harsh competition, as well as various other challenges. This does not spell the end for the ICO model, though—far from it. Companies can still send their coin to the Moon and beyond. All they need to succeed is to arm themselves with solid ICO PR services.

Per Aspera Ad Astra

The challenges before a company looking to issue its own coin aren’t limited to the fact that there’s too many coins around. That’s not the only reason why people frown when they hear the word “ICO” these days—it does have some hefty negative connotations stemming from a darker time for the cryptoverse.

Back in 2017, dozens of aspiring projects were offering their coins to the world as bulls reigned supreme on the crypto market. Alas, almost all of those coins turned out to be fraudulent, with their dev teams making it off with investors’ money. This prompted a massive Big Tech crackdown on crypto ads, which makes it harder for new projects to stand out and draw new users.

But while new crypto projects are indeed facing an uphill battle, ICO PR services can solve many of the problems they run into. Clear, on-point, and streamlined communication goes a long way in building up a project’s media presence, and that, in its turn, attracts new investors and partnerships.

ICO PR services can solve many of the problems crypto projects run into

Getting The Word Out With ICO PR Services

Signing up with a trusted PR firm helps an early-stage PR prospect in a variety of ways, which are all centered around the core task of getting the right word out to the right crowd. And for a project to take off, it most often needs to be a crowd indeed, not a small niche audience, to make sure there is a media buzz keeping the project in the spotlight.

ICO PR services experts can achieve this by crafting a nuanced and attractive narrative around the project leading up to the coin’s listing and initial offering. While many projects in the cryptoverse are aimed primarily at the in-the-know audience, a good PR strategy will make sure to present the coin and its features in a way that will be easy to digest for the general public. At the same time, by reaching out to professional events and outlets, it makes sure the message is not lost on the experts too.

ICO PR works as the launchpad for the token’s journey to the proverbial moon, helping the company behind it tap traditional media for outreach—a valuable asset, given the difficulty of getting crypto ads posted on digital marketing platforms like Facebook’s. This allows the business to get the awareness it needs to make sure its ICO is successful.

Outreach and awareness are crucial for a stellar ICO, and ReBlonde has years of experience in building those up for crypto innovators. Contact us today to build the launchpad your coin deserves!



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