Essential Tips on How to Navigate Through a PR Crisis

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Whether you’re a new tech company or you’ve been an industry player for a long time, your business is likely to face a public relations crisis at some point. Whether it’s a product recall or a bad review from an influential person, a negative incident can damage your company’s reputation and hurt your bottom line. You can prevent these outcomes through PR services for tech companies.

Here are a few tips to help your company navigate a PR crisis and bounce back stronger than ever:

1. Formulate a Strategy and Inform Your Team

If you haven’t already, be sure to appoint a response team to handle all communications for your company. The team should be composed of in-house professionals who have insider knowledge of your company and external experts who can see the bigger picture with a fresh eye. Once responsibilities have been assigned, align on important matters like who will be addressing the media and how inquiries should be handled.

2. Release a Public Statement

Once you’ve put together all the facts about the incident, it’s time to craft a response with your team. Be as transparent as possible, and disclose your company’s involvement in the issue. Avoid placing blame on the other party if one is involved, and focus on providing solutions. How your company plans to resolve the issue should be clearly communicated.

3. Address the Media

employee writing an article

Designate someone from your response team to serve as your company’s spokesperson when it comes to media matters. Any information that leaves the company should go through the spokesperson to ensure that your company speaks with a single, unified voice. Instruct employees to refrain from answering the media’s inquiries no matter how persistent they may be. Should information be too technical, it’s best to employ an expert who will provide support to your spokesperson when communicating with the media.

4. Address Your Customers Professionally

After a controversy, it’s only natural for some customers to feel angry and disappointed. Whether or not your company is at fault, it’s crucial to handle the situation with professionalism. For instance, if a customer comes to your shop and demands a refund for a faulty product, be sure to compensate them accordingly.

You could also go the extra mile and offer discounts or gift cards. Remember, you are wooing them to regain their trust in your products and services.

5. Keep Tabs on the Situation

Your company may take some time to recuperate. Monitor online platforms to keep track of what people are saying about your brand following a crisis. Some places to look at are online review sites, social media channels, and Google Images. Doing so will help you assess whether a crisis management strategy is effective or if it needs revising. In addition to these steps, have your response team on standby in case you need to address follow-up questions.

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